Twitter extends creators' revenue program so that authors can increase revenue more

I expanded the creator revenue program so that Twitter, which I have been searching for for a long time, can increase revenue for users who post pictures or creators, and increase revenue by various means.

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Twitter is finally paying its best users to create videos - Recode

One is a program called "The Amplify Publisher Program", and creators can monetize images with the convenience of "checking the check box". The method is to pre-roll advertisement, that is, the advertisement is inserted before the video flows, program participants decide "to monetize every tweet" (whether to insert ads) or "to summarize all tweets You decide whether you want to monetize or not ", you can choose two styles. For video, you do not have to be "exclusive", you can post the same footage on Twitter and other platforms to secure revenue.

The other is a program that creates content under the brand name and posts it on Twitter, so far, 35 thousand creators are active. Originally Niche, a venture company, had been doing "posting native advertisements to SNS as popular posters", and Twitter bought Niche in February 2015. If you participate in this program, you can participate in a monopoly event where creators gather from all over the world and use access analysis across major SNS.

Regarding the management of the posted video, it has been improved so that it can seamlessly run across the desktop environment and the mobile environment. For example, in the case of the desktop version, the conventional ""Media Studio"Media libraries, scheduling functions, permission management, etc. are added.

Although it is not disclosed in Twitter Blogs, according to Recode, it is said that revenue sharing is 70% of creator's share. The creator's share on YouTube is 55%, so if you make the same amount of earnings, the amount of creators' pocket will be more on Twitter. Already, this proportion is presented to NFL which is a partner of "The Amplify Publisher Program".

As of August 30, this program started only for US users. Among them, like Twitter, "Twitterer" earning on Twitter may become major.

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