I have tried the "restocking game of summer of the 3rd generation yokozuna hamburger summer" of the steak which can eat a total of 1 kg of hamburger steak

A steak dumpling offers a campaign that allows people who ordered 600 g of "3 rd Yokozuna Hamburg" to exchange 200 g "Don Hamburg" for freePerformed in July 2016Although it did, it resulted that more than 70% of the orders who we ordered will change. In this way, it means that the name "Yokozuna" is a name, this time people who ordered the third generation yokozuna hamburger can change hamburgers twice for freeThird generation Yokozumi hamburger summer restart battleWe are holding on August 25 (Thursday), so we have challenged whether we can eat "total 1 kg" hamburger at 600 g + 200 g + 200 g.

Third generation Yokozuna hamburger It is the biggest in summer! Instead of free campaign | steak noodles

Arrive at a steak dumpling

When entering the shop, order "Yokozuna Hamburg (600 g)" (1599 yen without tax) ordered.

Yokozuna hamburger is boasting 1619 kcal of energy, one serving.

First, we got delicious sauce, garlic chips, chopped wasabi and sauce which we can choose additionally. Sources can be selected from one of Demigurasusu, Teriyaki sauce, Tomato sauce, Tomato garlic sauce, Garlic pepper sauce, secret butter sauce sauce. This time I chose Teriyaki sauce, turpentine sauce, tomato garlic sauce and secret butter sauce sauce.

There are two kinds of basic sources, soy source and onion sauce.

Rice and bread ......

Soup bar soup is free. Today's soup was minestrone soup and onion soup.

The yokozuna hamburg got delivered in 10 minutes to 15 minutes. It is huge hamburger that can not be seen much even with this alone.

I tried overlaying 4 pieces on one iron plate saying "This will be powerful if it overlaps ... ...."

Looking from above it looks like this. The meat juice will flow out from top to bottom.

Looking up from the bottom it is exactly the meat tower. It has a tremendous presence.

That's why I will return it to eating.

Hamburgerg of tremendous thickness. It is probably less than 2 cm.

Garnish of potatoes and broccoli is also attached.

When I put a knife, despite the huge hamburger steady fire was passing through inside.

There is about one hamburger for children for just a part that I cut. When onion sauce is put on and eat it, the meat juice flows out into the mouth chewily.

Garlic chips are good with a crisp texture.

Daikonoroshi is refreshing with Japanese style if you eat it with soy sauce sauce.

Shreded wasabi has a bitter taste and taste like taste. You can also enjoy the shabby texture of wasabi.

As we are going to update the article by challenging instead of 600g of yokozuna hamburger steak, so please look forward to it.

· Additional notes August 25, 2016 12: 29
600 grams of yokozuna hamburg was quite a volume, but all four people visited today are complete. Even if you are not a big eater you should be able to complete it if this is enough.

That is why two people changed their hamburger steak for 200 grams each, and one person changed hamburgers in two at once. In addition, it seems that it is also possible for a person with confidence to bring a hamburger steadfast for free from the beginning.

Hamburgeru of one serving is like this, and it seems like it can be eaten with pelot. Unlike yokozuna hamburgerg, demiglace sauce is applied from the beginning, and the calorie per one piece is 777 kcal with sauce.

On the other hand, after seeing 600 g of Yokozuna hamburgerg it is quite a volume for two servings of 200 g + 200 g.

Firmly garnished vegetables are also attached.

Although it is not as thick as Yokozuna Hamburger when cut with a knife, juicyness is alive.

When eating, probably the hamburger seed looks the same as both the yokozuna hamburger and the hamburger. However, because it has plenty of rich demiglace sauce, it was quite a strong enemy as a substitute after eating 600 g of hamburger. Also, I got a sense of satiety that I got free for about 10 minutes after I asked for a refund. It seems to be just right as we change over since we ate half.

So, we managed to finish all three of them. Normally the editorial staff of the small meal also managed to eat 800 g (one time instead), but the editorial staff who ate 1 kg (in stead of two times) said that "another one (200 g) was a give-up" So it seems that 70% will not refund like last time. In addition, 800 g total energy is 2396 kcal, 1 kg it is 3173 kcal, so you will take the daily caloric intake of an adult male at once.

A free campaign will be held for twice on the steak, which is held until August 25 (Thursday), so the person who says "I want to fill the stomach with meat!" Is a chance today.

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