Open source 25 core processor "Piton" capable of realizing up to 200,000 cores

A researcher at Princeton University has an open source processor with 25 core "PitonWe announced. Piton is designed to be able to couple a number of cores, and the goal is to produce 200,000 cores of processors on a single chip.

Princeton University - New microchip demonstrates efficiency and scalable design

Open source 25-core processor can be 200,000-core computer | PCWorld

Piton has a total of 25 cores divided into five lines, and each core moves at a speed of 1 GHz or more. Multichip in the array can be daisy chained through the bridge and the bridge can be linked to DRAM or storage. Each core has 64 KB of L2 cache and has a total of 1.6 MB cache per chip. Also, each core has a floating point unit for large scale parallel computation.

Piton, OracleOpenSparc T1It is developed based on the open source processor "OpenSparc" which improved the processor named "OpenSparc". Architecture SPARC is used for high-end servers made by Oracle for database use, but PCWorld said "Piton adopted the SPARC architecture is interesting, because popularity has declined in recent years and there are few adopted examples." .

Piton is designed to be able to flexibly couple multiple cores and you can synchronize cores so that applications can be processed in parallel. Associate Professor David Wenzharaf of Princeton University says, "Piton is the largest processor ever made at academic societies and shows the possibility to realize servers more efficiently and cheaply" .

Associate Professor Wenzharaf has plans to develop a powerful parallel computing system with a total of 200,000 cores in a single chip by linking a total of 8,000 Piton cores. It is a goal to be put to practical use in large data centers handling SNS requests and search services and cloud services.

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