The movie "The Ring" series latest work "RINGS (Rings)" trailer which seems to die after 7 days when watching a video instead of a curse video

The latest work of the movie "The Ring" series in which Hollywood remade the monument "Ring" of Japanese horror film "RINGS (Rings)The trailer of "Hello! This time when I see a curse video instead of a curse video I will die 7 days later.

Rings Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

A woman in panic appears.

A woman was watching TV.

There is a well on the TV.

And Sadako slowly walked towards the screen.

A woman cries out "I'm not like this!" And pulling the TV off.

Screen that is lit, though it should have turned off.

When a woman mumbles, "There can not be such a thing ... It can not be done ... ...", blood will flow from the TV.

Television floats up a little and Sadako's hand ... ....

The scene changed, this time a happy couple appeared.

"I can not forget the story of the movie heard before, it seems that he seems to be killed within seven days after watching the movie."

According to the content the man tells, the movie appears to be attached to an email whose sender is unknown.

The message says "Please look".

The video attached to the mail began to play.

Apparently, Julia, a lover, seems to see a video of the e-mail that the man was talking about.

It was a familiar well that appeared in the movie.

And a snake.

Julia's eyes watching the movie are shining a ring that shines.

"When the movie is over, the phone call comes in and we say: ..."

"After 7 days"

Julia who heard the message surprised and dropped the handset was burnt down.

The hand holding the handset has scratches on it.

Ring on the back ... ....

"First day"

"Do you want to know about that girl?"

Apparently there seemed to be a girl trapped in a well in the past.

In the place where the girl was trapped, it says "Please help" "Stop it".

"The wounds on your hand have a meaning"

"It's written as" resurrection ""

"the 2nd day"

While taking a shower and staring at the palm ... ...

The skin of the palm of your hands turns over with velvety.

A long and thin black thing came out of Julia 's mouth.

I came out with tangled hair.

"Third day"

Blood dangles from Julia's nose.

Sadako is behind Julia ... ....

Then I was grabbed the face from behind.

"Day 4"

A telephone pole collapsing while making noise with Merimelig.

Two people avoid getting trampled on utility poles in the shortest time. Sadako may be trying to kill Julia before he looks like an accident.

"Day 5"

When Julia wakes up ...

Or things or hands stuck together.

"Day 6"

It was a church-like place that was projected on the 6th day, everything is floating in the air.

"Day 7"

On the seventh day the inside of the house has been torn down.

Mother who calls "Mom?" And makes his neck poki poki.

Sadako of insect bites appeared.

"You opened the door,"

Two people fled by plane to escape from Sadako.

The image on the display of the seat was disturbed ... ...

That video starts to flow.

Video will be played one after another in all seats.

Blood spilled from somewhere in the plane ... ....

The plane began to steeply descend and the passengers panicked.

The cockpit door opens, and a lot of insects pop out.

Peeling nails.

A man peeping through the window.

Cutting fingers.


The movie 'Rings' will be released in the United States from October 28, 2016. Publishing in Japan is currently unknown.

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