A new function "Wi-Fi Assistant" that can automatically connect to free Wi-Fi spot on Nexus terminal will be implemented

Google will provide "Wi-Fi Assistant"We announced the addition of the function within a few weeks.

Keep your connection speed high and your data bill low with Wi-Fi Assistant, a ...

Connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks - Nexus Help

Wi-Fi Assistant can automatically and securely connect to more than 1 million open Wi-Fi spots without registration or settings. Wi-Fi Assistant is added only in Nexus terminals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries, Japan and Asia are not included at the time of article creation.

Also, originally this feature Google uses open Wi-Fi for calls and data communicationsGoogle's MVNO service "Project Fi"In the future, Nexus users will be able to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and 4G communication using the same function.

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