Automatic operation bus "EasyMile EZ 10" which can be called on the smartphone finally starts practical test

Fully automated operation bus of EasyMile of France "Easymile EZ 10Finally entered the practical test in Helsinki, Finland.

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You can see how the Easymile EZ 10 is available and how it can be used by watching the following movie.

This is the automatic driving bus "EZ 10". It corresponds to the metro mode in which it stops at the designated place, the bus mode where it stops according to passenger's request, and the demand service mode which can be called up according to passenger's request.

EZ 10 stopped in front of a woman.

Pressing the green button will open the door and you can ride.

The riding capacity is 12 people. Of course the driver is unnecessary.

Also, pressing the blue button ......

At the same time as the step extends out from under the door, the suspension sinks and the car body gets lower.

Preparation is OK if the step becomes a slope.

It is also possible to load wheel chairs and strollers.

The running speed of the EZ 10 is maximum 40 km / h, but the driving test is operated at 11 km / h.

It is said that the traveling route is controlled by GPS.

By running two cars in a row, you can carry up to 24 people at a time.

The inside of the car looks like this.

It is possible to travel in Switzerland even in a narrow place.

The EZ 10 has an obstacle sensing function.

When you find a person or thing in front, it stops automatically.

When the car crossed ......

I will let it pass until it passes completely.

EZ 10 is an electric car.

Full charge is possible in 14 hours.

EZ 10 also has a demand service mode which can be called with a smartphone.

Experimental operation of EZ 10 started in Helsinki. Initially, the metro mode · bus mode in which the route was set up is operated with the tester riding on board for safety. EZ 10 is scheduled to be operated as "Robot Shuttle" at AEON Mall in Chiba by DeNA in Japan.

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