"Cosplay championship" which decides the best cosplay performance in the world no longer departed from the frame of cosplay

Cosplayer says that the photographer shoots standing by posing in costumes and wearing costumes ...... There is an image that adds elements such as "acting" and "stage set" to the world and decides the world's best cosplay performance It seems like the World Cosplay Summit's "Cosplay championship"is. The world that aggressively moves on the stage The representatives of the 30 countries and regions were overwhelming beyond the frame of cosplay, so I summarized the performance that won the 1st stage which was held on Saturday, August 6, 2016 .

【Official】 World Cosplay Summit | WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT

The cosplay championship was held at the concert hall of Aichi Arts Center.

Cosplayer overflowing in the hall.

Move by escalator ......

I can pass through a heavy double door.

The concert hall looked like this and it was pretty huge.

So, at 16 o'clock, the cosplay championship started. Cosplayers' performances etc. will be done for about 4 hours from here.

First the rules are explained. The rule of cosplay championship is "Costume handmade", "Japanese manga, animation, game, special effects character" "2 people 1 pair, time spent 2 minutes 30 seconds" "Can use background screen as direction". The use of the background screen seems to be the first time in fiscal 2016.

Costumes of each team are preliminary judged by national organizers on August 1, and this is a 10 point scoring in addition to the performance of the day.

It is the organizers that do the judgment of the performance. Organizers that are projected on the screen seem like cosplayers, but this time we will not do performance.

So, the performance of each country / region cosplayers who won the 1st stage is as follows.

◆ Finland national team

Finnish former neta is "Lying bridget". The story is "Amir who visited the source of Parisia to bake bread, two people waiting for the bread to burn, in order to kill a little time ...". The grassland is reflected on the screen of the background. Not only performance but also a skill to think about an attractive story to be completed in 2 minutes and 30 seconds is required.

Performance was done by Ina Dolk and Jenni Suominen.

◆ Thailand representative

The original story is "Resident Evil 2"The story" Leon of the newly-issued criminal defeat zombies who revive even though they are defeated many times ... but ... ... ".

Zombies are ...

Deformed like this, tremendous force.

It was a great deal of trouble to drag and remove the wreckage of the slurfs and monsters.

It was Navin Kanchana and Chittaworn Veeraroj who performed the performance.

◆ Italy national team

The original story is "Pokemon + Nobunaga's ambition". Although it seems that a question mark appears on the head when asked, "Warlord Nobunaga looking for the legendary Pokemon · Lekuuza, Ojichi who goes on a journey to stop his actions and his partner Purin, Efie, Heiqi can defeat Nobunaga ... ... "It seems to be a crossover work.

We are killed by pudding and tremble with anger.

And it fulfilled revenge.

It was Valentino Notari and Desire Tirolo who performed the performance. The shake trembled at the shocking development of purine death.

◆ Sweden national team

The original story is "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword". The story says, "This is a story of Ukishima SkyLoft one day, Link and Zelda are trying to go to a picnic and try to get a basket ... ...."

Somehow there is a cheerful scene of link ... ....

There are scenes playing hard rock violently with two people, it is a comedy touch.

Finally get the basket safely ......

I was able to complete a picnic.

It was Mr. Miranda Fondin and Kim Synnerborn who performed the performance.

◆ France

The original story is "lovelive! School idol festival"In the story" High School of Hodogyo and Eri is in the danger of closing, Honoyo persuades Eri and two will try to form a school idol group ... "! The back screen, such as the state of the school, is effectively used.

It was Fenie Sophie and Fischbach Valerie who performed the performance.

◆ Mexico national team

The original story is "Mirror of the new · light mythical ParthenaA story called "When Angel Pit crosses his blade with the hostile enemy of Hell's God Hell! ...!"

How did you make it ...? I thought that it was a high cost costume. Hades said that all but the nose and mouth are covered with costumes. It was DANIEL SANCHEZ and CHRISTIAN BARRON who performed the performance.

Indonesia representative

The original story is "Trinity Blood"It was a story called" Abel and Seth, who confronts Cain to stop Cain, which became the authorization of destruction and slaughter, but ... ".

In the end I was surprisingly floating in the air.

The back is like this.

It was Rian Cahyadi and Marchella who performed the performance.

◆ Australia national team

The original story is "Card Captor Sakura", The story" Sakura and Shaolan suddenly encountered a Crow card, confronting the Crow card while borrowing from the guardian Kero. "

It was Katherine Lee and Amber Martini who performed the performance.

◆ American representative

The original story is "Fate / stay night"," A cherry-blossom cherry struggle to struggle to control new power and servants ...!

It was truly a performance.

Performance was done by Alexandra Weber and Diana Tolin.

Taiwan national team

The original story is "Odin Sphere Ravslashil"In the story," Oswald is captured in the soul by the queen of death Oddad as compensation for his own power, Gwendolin challenges Oddo to help Oswald. "

Oswald confined the soul to Oeded. As the performance is a rule of two people, Oddo is made in the stage set.

The end was enthusiastic. It was Mr. Liu Hsiao and Mr. Xie dreamer who performed the performance.

◆ Canada representative

The original story is "The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess"is. The story says, "Midna tries to distinguish the link by teleporting to the river side to sense the signs of the link, but ... ...."

It was Jessie Frenette and Felicia Dussault who performed the performance.

◆ Russia national team

The original story is "XXXHOLiC". The story says, "On April 1st you can not find Yuuko easily, it will struggle in the dark to meet Yuko somehow ...".

The stage set and lighting was a very fantastic atmosphere. It was two Anastasiia who performed the performance, Petrishcheva Anastasiia and Klochkova Anastasiia.

Japan representative

The original story is "Final Fantasy VIII"The story of" Eternity rival · cipher who stands before the squall as much as possible and the fierce fight of two will finally reach the climax ... ".

It was Mr. KURAYA NORIYUKI and MURAKAMI SIGEKI who performed the performance.

◆ British national team

The original story is "Final Fantasy IV"This is a story that" Lydia uses spells to challenge Mage Golveza! "To help Rosa being caught in the Crystal Cave!

It was Alexandra Love and Laura Sindall who performed the performance.

◆ Denmark national team representative

The original story is "Angel of El Hamburg"The story is" Larvan suddenly invades into the castle where Perse's stands up, and when the two meet again, the gear of fate starts moving ... ".

Performance was performed by Sarah Juul Wallin and Alexander Hvidberg. Anyway the armor figure was too suited.

Philippine national team representative

The original story is "Fantasy Star Online 2"Tucha Mononov and Okatenko went on a journey to defeat the magaz! When the battle fought, the battle situation changed when the battle fought, and the magazine switched to the mercantile ... ...".

It was ROBELIE ANNINA R. GUERZON and GOMER E. TABOADA who performed the performance.

· August 7, 2016 (Sunday) 22:00 postscript:
As a result of the 2nd stage, the victory of the 2016 Cosplay Championship was decided for Indonesia.

· Continued
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