Miniaturize the enclosure of Pacman, Galaxian, Gallaga of retro genre with 1/12 size

Namco (now BANDAI NAMCO) arcade game machine that colored the 1980's hot arcade game era such as "Pac-Man" "Galaxian" "Rally X"One festival 2016 [summer]FREEing has been miniaturized in 1 / 12th. In addition, the company also has a high-profile honor of masterpiece Tayo's side scrolling shooting game "DariusCoelacanth-type enemy battleship appearing in the series "Iron FossleI am figmaizing it.


"Namco Arcade Game Machine Collection" on a twelve-scale scale side by side. It is a long-fashioned vertical type casing, and a different design is given for each game.

"Pac-man" who built the era of arcade game. The insertion slot of the coin in front of the chassis is also realistically reproduced.

If you look closely, there is also a game screen on the CRT. Pac-Man is a game born in 1980.

This is also a nostalgic "Rally X". I was born in 1980 same as Pac-Man.

Many people feel nostalgia in the red joystick.

Namco's first shooting game "Galaxian" announced in 1979.

It was one of the great features of Galaxian that the characters that appeared are all expressed in color in a game developed and continued to the Taito game "Space Invaders" which became a boom all over the world.

Two years after Galaxian, "Gallaga" announced in 1981 has also been reproduced.

And this is "Tank Battalian" announced in 1980. It is a game that kills enemies by moving tanks on the screen.

It was a game that beat the enemies decided within the time limit on a map like a maze surrounded by walls.

At the stage when "namco arcade game machine collection" was supervised by copyright origin, release timing and price were undecided.

And figma of Iron Fossle appears in "Darius". Detailed parts such as blue and white hull and defensive armor that covers it like scales are reproduced.

Sharp masks are also realistically reproduced. Rather, it seems to say that genuine feeling is much more improved than the world of games.

From the mouth, things like barrels are peeping into the face.

The power is further up when looking from the lower oblique direction.

Iron Fossle 's figma was also under supervision by the copyright author, the release timing and price were undecided.

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