Can you pioneer genre called devil figure? "True · Megaman Tensei Series" to "Kerberos" and "Lucifer" Appeared in Prize

Atlas ofMegami Tensei SeriesSpeaking of RPG, which is characterized by a system that combines devils as partners. Supported by core fans from deeply rooted in the Nintendo period, the megaten continues expanding in a wide direction such as the Persona series and the Devil Summoner series, but the number produced as the character as a figure is much larger than the height of the name recognition It may not be there.

AOU 2011 Amusement · ExpoAt the 23rd prize fair held at the same time, such megatten's regular devil"Kerberos" "Lucifer"Appeared as a prize figure. It has been deployed since last October"Shiva" "Thor"Are also exhibited together, both of which are elaborate finishes that can felt the love of producers.

Pictures of demon figures are from the following.Chara Square | Fluids

"Shin · Megami Tensei Realistic Figure 2 Kerberos" (scheduled for the fourth week of July 2011)

Kerberos is a rare devil whose design has not changed so much throughout the series, but when you look at a little open mouth"Megami Tensei IMAGINE"Is it an image?

"True · Megami Tensei Realistic Figure 2 Lucifer" (scheduled for 4th week of July 2011)

In the incarnation of the goddess, although it is Lucifer becoming a rasubosu, becoming a hidden boss, becoming a friend or standing position changes each time,"True Megami Tensei"It seems that it is almost consistent in this figure. From the perspective of the shoulder's protrusion"True Megami Tensei III NOCTURNE Maniax"Is it a model?

"True · Megami Tensei Realistic Figure Toll Shiva" (in development from October 2010)

This tall is"True · Megami Tensei III NOCTURNE"Is it thing of? The masked horn is distinctive.

Shiva to judge from the face"Shin Megami Tensei STRANGE JOURNEY"It seems to be the figure of.

I'd like you to expand the lineup and pioneer the genre called realistic devil figure.

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