Ultra high-quality "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" New Prize figures "Kishi Daiko" "Stone Free" "Task" etc.

From Banpresto "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" New figure for prize figures,AOU 2011 Amusement · ExpoIt was being exhibited.

There are many people who have seen JoJo's poster that was posted at the entrance to the game center. Jojo seems to be popular also as a prize of a crane game,There is a tremendous kind of JoJo PrizeFurthermore, new figures such as "Kishiwaki", "Stone Free", "Task" appear to appear.

A picture of a high-quality new appearance figure is from the following. Part 3 "Juntaro Kujyo" Reference Exhibit

It is Jutaro of just "JoJo Standing" that stuck his waist with its upper body warped.

Until detailed modeling of the face is beautifully three-dimensionalized.

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure MASTER STARS PIECE Kishibe Rinka Does not Work - Rokubozaka ~" (scheduled to be released in the fourth week of May 2011)

"The shore street excluding does not move ~ Rokubozaka ~"Is a short story of jumps published in the January 2008 issue of Jump Square. Clothing and coloring at that time are faithfully reproduced.

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure DX Collection Stand Figure Figure Gold Experience Stone Free Task ACT 1" (Release date unknown)

The Gold Experience is the stand of Jorno Giovanna, the main character of the fifth part.

Detailed details such as ladybird lady and mold wing shaping are faithfully reproduced.

Stone Free is the stand of the protagonist Xu Xin Lun of the 6th part. A feminine form is a very beautiful dish.

The texture of the body made of thread is faithfully reproduced.

And the task ACT 1 is a stand of Jonny Joe Star, the protagonist of "Steel Ball Run" which is the substantial seventh part.

A wonderful degree of reproduction that the voice "Tumimi - n - n" seems to be heard.

"DX Collection stand figure vol.1" (to be released in the third week of July 2011)

Stand of the protagonist Kuritaro of the third part "Star Platinum". There are clear versions and regular versions.

"DX Collection stand figure vol.2" (to be released in the third week of September 2011)

The main character of the fourth part The stand of Tsuyoshi Oriental "Crazy Diamond". Here are two types of clear version and regular version.

In addition, it seems that this prize comes with an onomatopoeic POP for promotion of "Dodo", "Gogogo" and "Dogian!"

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