Completely recreating the old chakkaku polygon with a figure "Virtua Fighter Yukiro Sara & Sarah Bryant"

Virtua FighterIt has been 23 years since it appeared in 1993. 3D graphics evolved remarkably, but dare to reproduce the polygon of the gorigori 23 years ago moveable figure "Virtua fighter figma Yuki Akira"&"Virtua fighter figma Sara BryantFREEingWonder Festival 2016 [Winter]It is on display at.

Virtua fighter figma Yuki Akira - Products | FREEing

Virtua fighter figma Sara Bryant - Products | FREEing

Virtua fighter's "Yuuki Yuuki" ... ...

"Sarah Bryant".

It reproduces polygon of Virtua fighter 23 years ago as it is.

Yuuki Atsushi is about 150 mm in height. ABS & PVC made.

Because it is figma, various posings are possible. Atmosphere that it is likely to put out Mt.

Sarah Bryant is about 145 mm in height. The summer salt kick's posture.

There are 2P versions each.

"Virtua Fighter figma Yuuki Akira" "Virtua fighter figma Sarah Bryant" is in a painted state and is scheduled to be released in September 2016 at 4500 yen (tax included).

Along with old-fashioned polygon design figma, 1/12 arcade game machine figures "Astro City cabinet [Sega titles]" and "namco arcade machine collection" are also exhibited.

There are three kinds of ants such as Pac-Man. The Astro City enclosure [Sega titles] will be released in the spring of 2016 and the price is undecided. The namco arcade machine collection is undecided at the time of release as well as price.

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