"The Pokemon GO server will go down", a group of hackers announced, possibly not being able to play Pokemon GO all day


The U.S. House Energy Commerce Committee sent a warning letter to the operation source as the data transfer amount was too large,(PDF)Publish contentsFor example, "smartphone game" which is causing various social phenomena "Pokémon GO". Although it was also said that the server could not play down the game at the start of the service, a hacker group announcing that it will "predetermine the server of Pokémon GO on August 1" is new.

Hackers threaten to take Pokemon Go offline August 1 with massive DDoS attack | The Next Web

For Pokémon GO serverDDoSWe are predicting that we will launch an attack and bring down the serverPoodleCorpIt is a group of hackers who calls themselves.

Be a leader of PoodleCorp@ Xotehpoodle"We take the Pokémon GO server offline because this game is just popular now nobody can stop us because speaking of why we can bring down the server Because no one can stop us, we just like to cause chaos, we will cause chaos on August 1 ".

Looking at PoodleCorp's traditional way, it basically means bringing down the server all day, so if you do that, you may fall into the situation where you can not play games for over 20 hours. The PoodleCorp attack is a large-scale attack consisting of more than 600,000 digital terminals from hard disk recorders to dedicated serversBotnetIt is said to be a DDoS attack that made full use of it.

On Twitter account of PoodleCorp, tweets written only as "August 1" are posted with "# PokemonGo" and "# PoodleCorp" hashtags.

PoodleCorp revealed that Pokémon GO's server down that occurred on July 16 declared that it was done by their hands and that servers of YouTuber and League of Legends were also part of their botnet It is.

You can check if the server of Pokémon GO is really down from the following site.

Is Pokemon GO down or not?

Pokemon Go Status

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