"Google Chrome 52" stable release released back to the previous page with backspace key

ByTom Anderson

Windows, Mac, Linux version of the latest stable version of the web browser "Google Chrome" "52.0.2743.82" has been released. In addition to 48 vulnerability fixes, it was introduced in the developer version of Chrome 52I was calling out debateThe function "Backspace key pressed to return to the previous page" function was deleted.

Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

What was fixedPPAPIThere are 48 vulnerabilities including escaping sandboxes, and bug discovery fee of up to $ 15,000 (about 1.61 million yen) is paid.

Also, the "return to the previous page by pressing the back space key" function is deleted, and when you press the back space key to return to the page, the guidance "Alt + ← key is pressed and returned" is displayed as follows became.

further,CSS container propertyBy ignoring all elements outside the scope of the parent node, the rendering time is increased.According to Venture Beat, It seems that the time to rendering completion varies by about 1 minute depending on the presence or absence of the property.

As support for streaming is added, "Service WorkerImproved operation performance. "We can sequentially render an HTML document with a large amount of data before the entire response becomes available".

Service worker page load with streams and without - YouTube

According to 9to5Mac, it seems that on the Mac version, it became a material design and a new icon, a flat transparent interface.

Chrome 52 for Mac introduces Material Design w / new icons & amp; flatter, transparent interface | 9to 5Mac

The next Chrome 53 stable version will be released in September 2016.

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