"Firefox 53" official release, with "Project Quantum" compositor improving security and performance


The official version of the web browser "Firefox 53" (desktop version (for PC, Mac, Linux) has been released, with support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, 32-bit version OS X will be discontinued.

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◆ Desktop version download
· Windows version (42.2 MB)

· Mac OS X version (55.8 MB)

· Linux version (57.8 MB)

◆ New features

· The addition of a new compositor process (Quantum Compositor) improved graphics related stability on Windows.

As Mozilla's next-generation web engine aiming to greatly improve browser security and performance "Project QuantumWe are developing and will be available by the end of 2017. In Firefox 53 (Windows version), "Quantum Compositor" will be installed, improving graphics-related stability.

· Two new "compact" themes, brighter and darker, based on the theme of Firefox Developer Edition became available.

Both have wider display area than standard theme.

· Lightweight theme is now applied to private browsing window.
· The expected read time of the page has been added to the leader mode.

When you change the article to reader mode from "display" to "open in leader view", the expected time until "4 minutes" etc. are read will be displayed.

· Windows 7 and later 64-bit OS users can now select 32-bit version and 64-bit version on the stub installer.


· Fixed 40 vulnerabilities (severity "serious" 9 cases, "high" 20 cases, "medium" 7 cases, "low" 4 cases)
· We adopted a clear design based on the permission setting notification so that it will not easily be overlooked.

The popup of various notification settings has been changed to the following design.

· Support for Windows XP and Vista has been discontinued. For XP and Vista users using Firefox 52 Extended Support Edition (ESR), security updates will continue to be provided for one more year.
· Support for 32-bit version OS X has been terminated. 32-bit OS X users can continue to receive security updates by switching to Firefox 52 ESR.
· Updates download size for macOS is smaller than Firefox 52.
· We redesigned the design of audio and video control.

When opening an audio file or movie file with Firefox, it is displayed as follows.

· In Linux version, correspondence to PC with Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron's older processor was discontinued.
· When the page title displayed on the tab is too long to fit, it fades out instead of using the ellipsis to improve readability.

If the page title does not fit on the tab so far, the end of the sentence was "...", but in Firefox 53 it fades out as shown below.

Also, in Firefox, Release (official version) was made through "Nightly", "Aurora", "Beta", but it is decided to abolish "Aurora". Until now, Aurora was the base for developers, but in the future it will be changed to Beta base.

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