I play RPG application "Saitama-shi RPG Local Deer · Chronicle" adventuring 'Saitama-shi' between reality and fantasy

The RPG application made in Saitama city of real existence such as "North North Kingdom" in Saitama City, Saitama City Sakura Ward as "Primrose Kingdom" is "Saitama City RPG Local Deer · Chronicle"is. In addition to being able to adventure fantasy Saitama city, in fact it has become possible to get coupons etc that can be used in Saitama City, so I can play it for free so I actually installed and played it.

Saitama City RPG Local Deer · Chronicle

Saitama-shi RPG Local Deer Chronicle - Google Play's Android application

Saitama City RPG Local Deer · Chronicle on the App Store

Saitama-shi RPG You can understand exactly what kind of game the local deer · chronicle is, by seeing the following movie.

Saitama City RPG Local Deer Chronicle - YouTube

"Let's continue the adventure of those days around Saitama City of reality and fantasy!"

Within the game, Saitama-shi Omiya Ward exists as "Raj Shrine Principality" ... ...

Heroine 's Louche - Primevala is the saint of the Rajshrine Duchy.

Saitama city Kita-ku is "North North Kingdom" ... ...

The hero Sid Levi lives as an apprentice of the kingdom soldier.

Saitama-shi Sakura-ku is "Primrose Kingdom"

It is also a country of Crack - Truman, one of my friends.

Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City "Rock Zelkova Kingdom"

There is Dise-Knox who will be the fourth member of the group.

A rich conversation event is prepared.

The party is a maximum of 4 people, a command entry formula battle similar to Dragon Quest.

Coupons that can actually be used in Saitama city are also available in the game.

When visiting Saitama city's historic sites and facilities, you can check in with GPS and get powerful weapons.

It is an application that has the function linked with the real world with RPG based on Saitama City saying "There is no social function! Item charging ...... a little!"

◆ I tried playing
So I actually install Saitama City RPG Local Deer Chronicle and try to play it.

Because the game is auto save, it is a pleasant thing to save somewhere and not need to interrupt. Tap "Start game".

Tap "Yes".

Sid, the hero, is asked to take a book by a scholarlike person. Sid said that he is an apprentice of a soldier in "North North Kingdom" that Kita Ward, Saitama City.

Serifs of the main characters and fellows may be displayed with illustrations, and expressions change according to the content being talked.

The direction cursor is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you can move by pressing the button in the direction you want to go. Even if you do not release the button, you can move to another direction by sliding, but operability is not comfortable.

When standing beside the person who can talk, the icon "......" protrudes above the head, so pressing "OK" ... ...

Some kind of conversation begins.

When an item stands in front of a hidden point or tal, an icon of "!" May appear. Tap "OK" ......

I was able to get an item to aid adventure.

That's why I got a book I was asked for.

When you hand over the book, you will be urged to go to the master to go to training.

If you come to the master under the basement you can do a tutorial on how to fight.

Practice monsters appear.

There are three commands "fight", "escape" "auto", tap "fight" to defeat the monster.

Select the character you want to act on. I can select another character if there are other friends, but since the order chosen does not affect the order at battle, I think that it is better to lose this command ....

Then the 4 choice command "Attack" "Magic" "Tool" "Defense" was displayed. To do a normal attack, tap "Attack".

Select by touching the monster you want to attack. This will enable attacks at last. As the number of friends increases, it is necessary to perform these operations for everyone, so I want you to simplify it as a smartphone operating system.

After the tutorial, you will be called by the King and you will be given the task of escorting the heroine's saint.

An adventure started to welcome the saint. Fields and the state of the city are graphics reminding the era of the Super Nintendo Entertainment.

Arrived at the "Vicam Village" where the saints are waiting. Is this village a name given from somewhere in Saitama city ...?

I met Lucerne of the heroine.

The hero who looks at the encounter with a beautiful girl. Louche wants to investigate nearby altar to find out why monsters are becoming ferocious these days. The main character was left to escort the way. A story develops in the conversation system, but Saitama-shi seems not to be particularly related to the story. Although it was found that the name of the place in the game is present from the municipality of Saitama city existing in the movie, the person who played the game without watching the movie saw Saitama city absolutely without a royal road fantasy game It seems to have thought.

On the other hand, there are not elements of Saitama city at all, there are times when we find a person saying "we are constructing a windowpane" in the city, real reality companies were scattered as game characters .

Also, when you tap "MENU" on the direction cursor ......

Since there is a button called "Coupon", tap it.

A list of coupons that can be used in real world stores was displayed. Try one of them ... ...

A 10% off coupon for the restaurant in Saitama City Omiya Ward was displayed. If you show this on-site, you can actually get discounts.

The encounter rate on the field is quite tricky, you may encounter monsters in two steps, and battles never occur even in the neighboring town. Depending on the RPG, the level may rise quickly in the first battle, but the Saitama-shi RPG Local Deer Chronicle has a level of 1 even after a few battles have been completed. As I was asked to pick up special herbs from the back of the cave in the way to the altar, I decided to enter Level 1.

However, the level of the monster in the cave was abnormally strong, it was made full. It is not a level that can survive anything anyhow, but it has gone extinct at the beginning of the game 10 minutes.

It will restart from the nearest church when it wipes out. In the church you can resurrect the dead character and receive the "blessing of the cathedrals" that you can face strong monsters.

The content is like this, you can purchase "celebrated orb" that will be equipped with powerful weapons etc, and "Ability Ruby" which can get powerful abilities in the game in cash.

I tried challenging the clearing of the cave with no charge, it was level 5 in about two hours, I was able to get to the very best destination after preparing the equipment.

When I gave the target "Taurine" to the client, I was able to make a strong repair drug "Ripodi". I am concerned about something similar to a drink.

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