An application "RetweeTrace" that can confirm the reaction by drilling ahead of the retweet for my tweet for free

When sending out information on Twitter or tweeting various things, your tweets may RT (retweet) to followers or other people. I am very happy as the number of RTs grows steadily, but if there are many RTs with no comments,What kind of impressions do you all have?I thought, "This tweet, is he really out there?"Or"No way, actually this RT is followed by another tweet! Is it?Sometimes it is sometimes attacked by a sense of unease that is not told as such.

Perhaps it may be that he writes his impression by tweet after RT, but in order to check by oneself it is like the name of his accountEgoarchIt is unexpectedly troublesome to have to do. In such a case, it was said that the tool application "RetweeTrace" which can hope in one shot was released by displaying the content tweeted by the user who turned RT tweets, so actually using it Saw.

RetweeTrace on the App Store

RetweeTrace - Android application on Google Play

RetweeTrace@uezochanIt is an application developed by Yuji Ueki.IOS versionWhenAndroidVersion has been released, this time I installed it on the iPhone. You can start using it as soon as you access the App Store and tap "Get" to install the application.

When installation is completed, tap the icon to start up.

At the initial startup,EULA(Software License Agreement), check "I agree", tap "Sign in with Twitter" and log in to your Twitter account.

In order to allow Twitter login with RetweeTrace, enter the account name and password and tap "Authenticate cooperative application".

Then, a tweet list of my account is displayed. By tapping individual tweets you can see individual reactions.

When an individual tweet is opened, a list of people who have done RT is displayed.

When I tap a user, "I did not tweet within 1 hour from RT or I can not get tweet due to API limit, please try again later or refer to neighbor timeline" It was. Apparently, this user seems to have not made remarks immediately after RT.

Scroll to the lower direction as it is ... ...

The contents tweeted by a user after RT are displayed. This user is GIGAZINE'sAs a result of playing with Stradivarius and the modern violin with blindfold, is it true that the conclusion that "There is not much difference between the two" is true?It seems that he tweeted the impression that "It looks like a classic super car and a modern super car?" By confirming like this, you can check the follower's response or be relieved that it seems that it was not disconnected.

In addition to this, RetweeTrace allows you to specify the URL of any tweet on the "Search tab", display the tweet list, and if RT is the next RT, swipe the screen further It is also possible to check the previous reaction. It seems that people who use Twitter can say that they are applications that can be used.

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