Research results that can prevent lung damage due to smoking with vitamin C supplement

ByLuciano Belviso

Cigarette smoke in the lungsNitric oxideOver production and activation of inflammation, andEmphysema. Lung damage caused by such smoking vitamin C orAscorbic acidResearch results indicating that it can be prevented by combining chemical substances into a product has been announced.

Ascorbate attenuates pulmonary emphysema by inhibiting tobacco smoke and Rtp 801-triggered lung protein modification and proteolysis

Vitamin C and another drug may combine to limit smoking's assault on lungs | Ars Technica

The research results announced by University of Calcutta University of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology etc. can protect lung damage due to smoking by supplement containing vitamin C.

Researchers conducted experiments using guinea pigs to verify the damage of lungs exposed to cigarettes. From the lungs of guinea pigs exposed to cigarette smoke, the lung proteins were damaged extensively, indicating that they are prone to emphysema. These experiments show that the tissue of the lungs, including nitric oxide, exposed to tobacco smoke,Oxidative stressIt was confirmed that it is directly linked to.

As nitric oxide has the property of causing inflammation, researchers have attempted to treat lung damage due to smoking with anti-inflammatory agents. However, we found that anti-inflammatory drugs can not prevent damage to lung proteins. As it turned out that oxidation of the lung was a problem in the experiment, the research team decided to use vitamin C which is a water-soluble antioxidant. A supplement combining vitamin C and nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) inhibitor in a guinea pig exposed to cigarette smoke was taken orally directly to the lungs, where as much as 48 to 78% of the damage tobacco smoke was received We succeeded in reducing it.

Although combining the two showed a remarkably higher effect than taking vitamin C and iNOS inhibitor separately, even vitamin C aloneElastinThe effect that protects the protein functionally supporting the lung tissue from damage is recognized. These experimental results show that at least Vitamin C can protect the oxidative stress of the lungs exposed to cigarette smoke and it is possible to suppress subsequent inflammatory reactions.

Although social programs and public health programs that encourage smoking cessation have been implemented over the past decades, smoking is still a common practice. Therefore, it may be beneficial to find a cure that can reduce smoking's lung damage. Meanwhile, since nitric oxide exerts various physiological functions as a signal molecule, it has not been confirmed in this experiment until it is safe to limit the activity of nitric oxide in the lung It is that.


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