Research results that caffeine intake such as "drink coffee" helps prevent dementia will be announced


"NMNAT 2"Research teams at the Indiana University who discovered enzymes that have the effect of preventing dementia, newly investigated the effect of raising the production of NMNAT 2 in 24 different compounds including caffeine Announced.

IU study finds caffeine boosts enzyme I could protect against dementia: IU Bloomington Newsroom: Indiana University Bloomington

Caffeine boosts dementia: New analysis reveals 24 problems that can help help reduce impact of harmful proteins in the brain - ScienceDaily

The research team led by Hui-Chen Lu of the University of Indiana at Bloomington has discovered the enzyme NMNAT 2 in 2016 and announces that NMNAT 2 plays two roles in the brain. The first is to protect neurons in the brain from stress, and the other is to monitor "tau protein" accumulating as plaque in the brain in response to aging.

Proteins of abnormally folded structure, especially tau protein,Alzheimer's disease"Parkinson's disease"Huntington's disease"And neurodegenerative disorders such as"Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) "and other diseases are known to be related. The number of onset of Alzheimer's disease, which is the most common of these diseases, reaches 5.4 million in the United States and is expected to increase with the aging of the population.

Mr. Lu 's research team screened 1280 compounds from existing drugs and so on to identify substances that affect the production of NMNAT 2, effective for treating Alzheimer' s disease and the like. As a result, it succeeded in identifying 24 kinds of compounds which have the possibility of increasing the production amount of NMNAT 2 in the brain. One of the identified compounds was caffeine, and even in the experiment conducted previously, administration of caffeine to genetically engineered mice that produce highly concentrated abnormally folded structure protein improved the memory capacity of the mouse Results have also come out.

ByPaul Istoan

In this study, a research team at the Indiana University administers caffeine to genetically engineered mice to produce low levels of NMNAT 2, it said that it began producing NMNAT 2 at the same level as normal mice. In addition, among the 24 species identified as compounds that increase the production of NMNAT 2, selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor "which was discontinued as an antidepressant drug in the 1990s"Rolipram"Was also included.

Mr. Lu, research researcher, said: "In addition to increasing the production of NMNAT 2, some of the compounds discovered this time also found compounds to decrease, but the roles of compounds that increase or decrease the production of NMNAT 2 in the body There is a possibility that it will be useful for future treatment of dementia. "

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