NASA and GM improved the robot arm to a glove type "RoboGlove"

GM, which co-developed with Robonaut 2 "Robonaut 2" robot that can grab things firmly with light power so that astronauts can easily work even in space, is a medical device manufacturer in SwedenBioservo Technologies ABWe can partner with us on the earth "RoboGloveIt was decided to develop.

GM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings 'Power' Glove to Life

NASA's 'power' glove will help workers get a better grip

This is the grip strength glove "RoboGlove" jointly developed by NASA · GM · Bioservo

The glove has a built-in sensor, servomotor, actuator, and it amplifies the grip power. According to NASA, it can amplify the power of 5 pounds to 10 pounds (about 2.3 kg to about 4.5 kg) from 15 pounds to 20 pounds (about 6.8 kg to about 9 kg).

RoboGlove is a humanoid robot developed by NASA and GMRobonaut 2"Successor model of. The robot arm developed by Robonaut 2 is improved to a glove that can amplify the power according to the force gripped by a human being.

RoboGlove has batteries and arm covers ......


With the sensor of the palm and fingertip, read the grip adjustment and amplify the force accordingly.

RoboGlove is expected to be utilized at the work of the factory.

Metallic parts that are heavy and difficult to grasp can also be grasped perfectly if there is RoboGlove.

It does not drop big tools.

You can hold it tightly regardless of the shape of the part.

Even in scenes that apply force with a bar tool, the burden of work can be drastically reduced because it is outstanding grip force.

Of course you can also easily release the thing you grab.

In addition, versions covering only the thumb, middle finger and ring finger are also being developed.

This 3 finger type is a model suitable for delicate work.

It is also possible to grasp gently without breaking eggs.

Thomas Ward, Bioservo CEO, said, "Gloves found by the world's best combination of NASA's space technology, GM engineering, Bioservo's medical technology have the potential to be used on a global scale," Robonaut I am confident in practical application.

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