NASA and General Motors Announce Strengthening Collaboration in Robot Astronaut Development

General Motors Corp. (GM), a US automobile company driven by bankruptcy in 2009, announced that it will strengthen tie-ups with NASA in the development of the next generation robot for space operation "Robonaut 2". With the technology of the automobile industry and the space industry being adopted, there is expectation that there seems to be a terrible robot in the end.

Details of the robot pictures and movies are from the following.

NASA - NASA, GM Take Giant Leap in Robotic Technology

NASA and GM collaborate to develop humanoid robots that can work with people. Become originalRobonaut 1Was developed for space travel ten years ago, but it seems that Robonaut 2 has the purpose of making it available for GM's automobile manufacturing as well as human support in outer space.

A robotic metal-like face indeed.

A pose that seems to be used even in Kenpo.

Robonaut 2 with tools.

By the way, Robonaut 1 is like this.

Doug Cooke of the exploration system mission division of NASA said, "This state-of-the-art robot technology contributes not only to NASA but also to the country," said Alan Taub of GM's research and development department, "A robot that cooperates with NASA Will lead to better cars and a competitive manufacturing environment. "

An arm that can hold and hold a dumbbell of 20 pounds (about 9 kg).

It seems that it is about 4 times stronger than other robot capable of dexterous work.

A movie where you can see the finger moves like Unaune.
YouTube - NASA and GM Take a Giant Leap Forward in Robotics

NASA and GM have cooperated with the navigation system in the Apollo program of 1960 and developed in cooperation with the development of the lunar automobile, and technical cooperation has a long history, but how is Robonaut 2 finished in the future Will it go?

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