A favorite manga is Tokushima Governor Tokushima prefecture Governor of the "Circuit of Wolf" and "Ring to the Ring" Hatsune Miku and Two Shot Shot

It is regarded as one of the reformist governors who act vigorously not only in Tokushima prefecture but also throughout the countryIizumi KamonGovernor of Tokushima Prefecture. "Machiassobi"It is said that the event will play Tokushima event, this time the governor participated in public recording etc, surrounded by fans here and there, and Hatsune Miku and two-shot pictures were taken.

Details are as below.
Public recording of radio performed at Corne square in Higashi Shinmachi Arcade.

It seems to be the second recording of "Machiaso Radio" by Mr. Takashi Kondo, Mr. Kana Akutsu, Mr. Hayama Susumu, Mitsuhiro Municipal.

After that, sandwiching the public recording of "Tsukimaneko radio" ...

Governor Izumi appeared. In the "Anything Best 3" corner, while saying "Because the mass communication is coming ..." to the question "Recently I was upset", "While in the story of the airport restructuring in the Kansai, Osaka Governor Hashimoto is" Tokushima airport is not needed ", he said," It is not easy to say, "Kondo et al. After that, Governor Hashimoto visited Governor Izumi Governor and apologized that it was overwhelmingly, and it seems that there is nothing particularly lumpy now. After that, as well as "good monomune" as well as showing Taroichiro Hirokawa and Daemon Kogure, they also showed a habit side.

Strangely tall shear, watching the situation.It was also conspicuous even at the mountaintop of Meishan in OctoberThat person.

After the end of the public record, the governor took a memorial photo with Hatsune Miku who was in the arcade.

He seemed to think that the person in Hatsune Miku was a great person or something in the shopping district and was surprised to know that he was a governor later.

On the other hand,Tokushima Round Table ConferenceI served as a progression. I was a little surprised, as I thought that it was a panelist and the governor began to progress.

In addition to Governor Izumi, the participants of the roundtable are also Kondo Hikari Producer, UFO Table production company Animation Production Company, Director Mitsuru Funai, "The Sky Boundary Chapter 3 The Pain Residual", "Toriko"FM BinzanFour people of Mr. Valley Galaxy who is a personality in.

Mr. Tani is an active student student personality. In addition, although the name (Valley Galaxy) is often misunderstood as an arts name, he seems to be his real name.

The age group of the venue is mainly in the 20s and 40s. He listened seriously to Kondo's producer's story that "I am not planning to make a town by animation."

The next room was also able to see the state of the meeting on video relay. The young age group here.

As I was talking about animation producers and animation directors as well, it showed excitement in the direction of animation. Governor Izumi revealed that his favorite book is weekly boy jumping while saying "This is naisho". My favorite manga is "Circuit of wolf"Or"Hit the ringThat's right. At the moment when I was talked about "Space Pirate Captain Harlock"MazoneThere is also a scene in which Kondo producer is surprised as "It is detailed!?" Because he gave a proper name as "...". Ko is Kondo Producer and Director Funai.

Hatsune Miku who was sitting at the end of the meeting somehow.

How, for example, there is a plan to put out a cosplay series for Awa Dance. Because the prefectural governor was also a lion, perhaps Tokushima might be a subcarual nation that is not a tourism nation ... ....

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