Which will win if the robot and the world's best table tennis player win?

KUKA Robotics, a German robot manufacturer with subsidiaries in 25 countries, provides precision industrial robots that are active in a wide range of fields such as food, construction, glass, casting, casting, wood, metal and stone industry. Such a robot of KUKA company "KR AGILUS"Racket is installed and has a background in table tennis ranking the most in the worldTimo BolThere is a confrontation with players.

KUKA Robot vs. Timo Boll: The Duel

The confrontation between the robot and the former world champ will reveal in which of the following war criminals are raised in the last of the following movies.

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot - YouTube

The legend of table tennis world, Timo Bol.

Height 181 cm, weight 78 kg, age 32 years old. It is rolling a ping-pong ball on the surface of the racket as if it is sticking.

Highest grades in world ranking: No.1.

Before such Timo Bol looks at ... ...

The world's first industrial robot "KUKA KR AGILUS" is performing performance to control the ping-pong balls on the same racket surface as Timo Bol.


Timo Bol 's serve dropped fireballs of human - robot confrontation.

KUKA KR AGILUS hits the sharp serve for so much.

Although the rally's reward lasts several times ... ...

Timo Bol who could not catch up with the harsh smash hammered in from the robot arm.

The first point was acquired by the robot.

It is the expression "No way ... ...".

Next starts with serve of KUKA KR AGILUS. The ping-pong ball is held in the ring.

When the ball is released and rolls on the racket ......

I repaired the ball on the top with "Konpu" and soft, and driven a serve with one arm.

After the rally is continued, a ball is driven again on the diagonal line and it can not follow it.

Allow continuous points to a robot moving quickly and quickly to the left to the right.

It is a former world champ where a bitter smile spills ... ...

After that the robot continued to score and the score would be 6 - 0.

Timo Bol finally became serious.

A serve of full power is driven ... ....

The robot finally got the first score without finishing the rally.

Timo Bol looks like the engine is running.

A robot that can not keep up with the sharp smash will allow the score one after another.

Dive the smash launched on the diagonal of the standing position and fight at the counter!

The result of intense battle ......

Timo Bol barely scored 11 points and won the victory.

"It is not the best in table tennis in the world ... ...."

"It is almost certainly the world's best in robot engineering." It was a performance that can show high accuracy even in the table tennis showdown with the world champ.

As an extra at the end of the movie, Timo Bol with a racket on both hands also contains images that confront five KR AGILUS.

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