A new nuclear thermal propulsion engine using fully ceramic nuclear fuel can move to Mars in 3 months

It turns out that Seattle-based nuclear technology maker Ultra Safe Nuclear Technologies (USNC) has delivered a new concept design for a nuclear thermal propulsion engine to NASA.

Ultra Safe Nuclear Technologies Delivers Advanced Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Design To NASA


New nuclear engine concept could help realize 3-month trips to Mars


There are various challenges in aiming for Mars and deep space from the earth. One of these is 'travel time,' and in 2013 NASA announced support for engine research to reduce travel time.

NASA Supports Research on Fusion Engines That Will Be Going to Mars in 30 Days-GIGAZINE

In 2017, we signed a three-year contract with BWX Technologies to develop a new nuclear rocket engine.

New NASA Contract Will Advance Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Technology | NASA

Rocket engineers are paying attention to 'nuclear power' because the chemical rocket engines used so far are close to the theoretical limit and the electric propulsion rocket engine has low thrust.

The new 'nuclear heat propulsion engine concept design' delivered by USNC is safer and more reliable than the conventional nuclear heat propulsion engine, and much more efficient than the conventional chemical rocket engine. thing. According to Dr. Michael Ease of USNC, the specific impulse generated is twice that of a conventional chemical rocket engine.

The fuel used is a complete ceramic nuclear fuel (FCM fuel) based on high-purity, low-enriched uranium. It is stronger and safer than conventional nuclear fuel, and can be operated at high temperatures.

The engine can reduce travel time between Earth and Mars to just three months, and news site New Atlas has the goal of'using nuclear propulsion to revolutionize the journey into deep space.' It may contribute to the realization of. '

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