Lockheed is developing a nuclear fusion reactor that produces ten times the energy of a conventional nuclear fusion reactor and is much safer than the nuclear power plant

America's aircraft and spacecraft development giantLockheed MartinIt is capable of producing huge energy enough to cover all the electricity on the earth and has made the nuclear fusion reactor 10 times more compact than the conventional one without environmental pollution like nuclear power generationCompact Fusion Reactor(CFR) "is under development.

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Fusion reactorResearch and development of Lockheed Martin's laboratory "Skunk Works"Is developing a fusion reactor" Compact Fusion Reactor (CFR) "that is one tenth the size of a conventional fusion reactor. The state of CFR development can be confirmed in the following movie.

Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development - YouTube

Tom McGuire of Skunkworks said, "Mankind delighted when inventing a fission response 50 years ago, but"Nuclear fusionReaction "can create safer and greater energy."

This is an experimental device for CFR development.

The next generation airplane that uses nuclear fusion will not have to worry about running out of fuel.

Energy creation in nuclear fusion reaction is the same mechanism as the sun.

A huge amount of energy is born when creating nuclei by colliding atomic nuclei that have separated electrons from atoms. This energy is an order of magnitude bigger than the energy produced by chemical reactions.

Furthermore, nuclear fusion reactors do not emit nuclear waste like nuclear power plants, so safe and clean power generation is possible.

Energy from all over the world can be safely covered without polluting the environment.

To hold a big key in a nuclear fusion reactor is to create a huge current and a high temperature environment of hundreds of millions of degrees.

CFR is designed to be one tenth smaller than conventional fusion reactor.

In the end it is supposed to be about the size that can be put on a truck.

The merit obtained by compacting is shortening development time. We can expect to raise the development speed, including designing time which we needed five years in the past three months.

The prototype is scheduled to be completed within 5 years.

In the conventional nuclear fusion reactor, a plasma confinement system for causing a D - T reaction to collide heavy hydrogen and tritium in ultra high temperature plasma environment to generate heliumTokamak typeAlthough it adopts a technology called tokamak type which requires a large amount of electric power, the toppling result which required more energy than the energy which can generate electricity can happen.

However, unlike a tokamak type that confines plasmas in a shape like a tire tube, CFR can generate a magnetic field using a series of superconducting coils and hold the plasma in a wider area in the chamber.

By adopting this new method, CFR can generate 10 times as much energy as tokamak type reactor of the same size, so we can reduce size by a factor of ten.

Although the CFR is still in the stage when the project started, the prototype is designed with a size of 23 feet by 43 feet (about 7 meters by about 13 meters) to be stacked on a truck, and is a unit for about 80,000 household use Lockheed Martin will complete a prototype within five years and aim for commercialization in ten years, as it will realize 100 MW output capable of covering electricity.

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