Guinness World Record with Electric Racing Car, Accelerated from 0 km / h to 100 km / h in Only 1.513 seconds

Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ), founded by students of the Zurich Institute of Technology in 2006, is focusing on the development of electric racing cars. The AMZ electric racing car started the fastest record in the world that it accelerates from 0 km per hour to 100 km per hour in only 1.513 seconds.

AMZ - World Record! 0-100 kph in 1.513 seconds - YouTube

"We are developing electric racing cars and constantly challenging the limits of the machine, we succeeded in creating a world record of 1.513 seconds, but how short is the time" 2 seconds " Let me show you. "

First of all, measure the speed of getting off the racing car and prove the short time of 2 seconds. A racer that begins to jump off the racing car with the shout of "GO!"

2 seconds left 0 Comma in 210 seconds, still where the butt has been lifted.

Even if it jumped in a hurry, it seemed difficult to get off the racing car in just two seconds, and it has become a time up.

Next time is the time until the steak hanging from the pimp will reach the far side, you will experience the short of 2 seconds.

There is a flame to burn in the middle ... ...

The time before the man on the far side received the steak was about 2 seconds.

Next time the man who sat on the sofa measures the time until lying down and taking a break.

It succeeded in achieving the goal within 2 seconds. However, as a man hiding behind the sofa appeared and the trumpet rang, a challenger men also jumped out of the sofa.

In the time to clean the room, put the blower on the floor together with the call of "GO!" ...

Time just up a few steps.

In the end we measure how much we can solve the test problem in 2 seconds.

It took time to pick up the answer sheet while reading the problem hard.

The man who was receiving the test scattered the problem paper on the desk just as to say "What is being done.

In other words, it turned out that it is too short to do various things in everyday life even in just 2 seconds.

And the electric racing car "grimsel" which starts off the world record appeared.

Careful maintenance is being carried out.

It is the blond female racer who challenges the world record.

A woman gets on an electric racing car ......

The flag to inform the start was swung down.

Departing with a high tone called "Keene" different from ordinary racing car

To accelerate in an instant, the steering wheel is shaky.

Electric racing cars quickly disappeared.

So, in the movie, the speedometer etc of the electric racing car was not shown, but the time to reach 100 km / h from the stopped state is only 1.513 seconds. This record has been rewritten for 1.779 seconds held by the University of Stuttgart and renewing the Guinness world record of electric racing cars. According to AMZ, grimsel can speed up to 100 km / hour at less than 30 m distance.

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