A movie "Guide to College and University" which roughly explained the realities of American university admission such as "you can have plenty of sex"

Are you going to go to college or are you going to get a job now? For students standing on the way of returning to Japan, I explained the actual situation of going on to university in the USA "Casually Explained: Guide to College and University"is. Stick figures are loose, but realistic university circumstances are taught, such as how to decide which department to major, encounter, what topics should not be touched in friendship relationships.

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First of all we need to understand that universities cost us a lot of money.

If you drop the unit, you must pay again and take the course again, so do not feel the same as high school.

Therefore, when you think about university, you should first ask yourself, do you want to drink alcohol and meet girls ... ...

Do you want to do what you need for your career?

And are you ready to devote more than four years time for your own purpose?

After deciding to go to college, next time I need to think about my major. There are many people who have heard that "college studies are harder than high school", so you may worry about yourself about studying properly.

However, since there are websites that check whether universities or major departments have their own intelligence, you can use such services.

There are no "best programs" in the world. The important thing is to find a program that will support you to become "a stable job that you can enjoy enjoying."

At this time, some people say "I have never got a job, so I do not know what I can enjoy."

In such a case, you should think about where the program you think you would like to major in is located on the slide "you can enjoy it" or "the degree to earn money".

As for "making new friends" at university, keep in mind that there are some topics to avoid in order not to fail to make friends.

You should stop talking about work and occupation to people majoring in art.

It is also taboo to talk about topics about loans and the number of years to graduation to medical students.

What I should not do most is to tell students majoring in engineering that "There were many problems yesterday." Students majoring in engineering are incredibly problematic, so even if you are majoring in engineering as well, avoid this topic.

"I want to say that my assignment was more than I am?" I get angry.

Also, urban legends on universities are on the horizon.

"Being excellent like the high school era" and "meeting with mature people" are urban legends, but it is true that "you can have lots of sex".

However, it seems that it was "urban legend" for movie creators, so there seem to be individual differences.

Also remember that there is a difference in male / female ratio depending on the program.

90% of the departments of computer science and engineering in rural universities are men.

90% of nursing departments are women.

"I would like to major in computer science, but I would like to meet girls, how do I do?" I can not do anything.

Movie producers majoring in the Java program said they got excited just by finding a neutral name in the attendance table because there is no woman.

Some people may think that "Party as a university", but I heard that it is impossible to tell me what kind of feeling it is because I have never been invited.

Seriously, even if you majored in a high school course that had excellent results, the university is a common talent and the results will be moderate. However, the talent that I have not thought so far may bloom.

The movie producer says, "Although I was not good at picking up when I was in high school, now I am building a YouTube movie in my room."

The important thing is to find myself independent and to find a way to build a career. You can become a famous artist or become an excellent engineer if the ability reaches a certain level by making good use of it. If you challenge a variety of things, there is also the possibility that you can become one with the best ability in the world that can not be changed by a robot in one field.

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