Microsoft bought LinkedIn for 2.8 trillion yen, what is the aim of Nadera CEO put in there?

On June 13, 2016 of the United States time, Microsoft is using SNS for business peopleLinkedInFor about $ 26.2 billion (about 2.8 trillion yen) to announce that it will acquire the world surprised. In the history of MicrosoftAcquisition of SkypeThe aim of huge purchasing plays that exceeds the aim is gradually becoming apparent.

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Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn?

Microsoft's Satya Nadera CEO has announced the acquisition, sending an email to employees to clarify the aim of the acquisition. Among them, CEO Nadera said, "With this agreement, the world's largest professional cloud and the world's largest network of professionals will be one.I have been involved in LinkedIn many times over the years, and which networking service is used for cloud services We are investigating whether it will bring about such changes, "he said." I am clarifying the policy to utilize the strengths of both companies by integrating LinkedIn with Microsoft 's cloud service Office 365.

The number of registered users of LinkedIn at the time of acquisition was 433 million, and 2 million users also registered to a paid premium account. Even though there are 1.2 billion users who use Microsoft's Office in the world, there are only techniques to utilize external services such as Facebook and LinkedIn as a means for Microsoft to connect social .

So Microsoft came up with the idea of ​​acquiring LinkedIn for SNS for business persons. Together with the announcement of the agreement, the two companies have announced slide materials that summarize the aims.


Among them, CEO Nadera is a solution that provides Office 365 and business insight "Microsoft DynamicsIn addition to trying to strengthen the company, we also clarify that we are aiming to demonstrate our strengths on the following points.

· LinkedIn can utilize Microsoft's field and sales channels reaching new customers
· Microsoft's access to scalable cloud infrastructure and its technology in general
· Enhanced engagement with Microsoft's search engine "Bing", a search service for professionals
· LinkedIn feed using Windows notification system
· Providing a new development environment for developers by utilizing abundant API

Also, the use of the voice assistant "Cortana" which is standard equipment in Windows 10 is also one of the merits that LinkedIn can be obtained. Microsoft says Cortana will be able to connect "points and points", grasp the user's business network in the future, build a new network and bring the business to the next level.

The graph below shows the difference between Microsoft and LinkedIn's strengths. It seems from the graph below that new value created by integrating Microsoft's strength as a business tool with LinkedIn, which has strengths to connect people to each other.

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