"Crown name starting with N" codename of "Android N" will be announced shortly

ByNorio Nakayama

Since we celebrated the name of sweets for the codename of Android OS for generations, Google publicly offered a public offering of "name of sweets with initial letter" as the codename of the latest "Android N". It was announced on Android's official Twitter account that the entry was closed and Android N's code name will be revealed shortly.

For the developer's event organized by Google that started on Thursday, May 19, 2016 in Japan time "Google I / O 2016"There was an announcement that we recruit Android N's codename on the Internet.

Google is looking for a codename under the name of sweets starting with "N" of "Android N" - GIGAZINE

As of June 10, 2016, the recruitment site for codename published on May 19 th is recruiting for "Thank you for many applications, thank you".

We are looking for a name of Android N

During the entry period, Indian fried confectionery "Neyyappam" was popular as a codename. This is because Google CEO Thunder Pichaai said in a talk session held in New Delhi in the past "I can name Indian food if all Indians vote", he says a joke To beIt seems to be caused by.

This is Neyupam.

Looking at the following questionnaire, Neyepam is the most popular, and Italian chocolate flavored spread "Nutella"And one type of soft candy"nougatIt is followed by that.

From Japan "I'm sleepy.It seems that there was also an entry called "I am applying."

Google has a Android Twitter accountGoogle+ account"I will reveal the new name in a couple of weeks," and I smiled that the announcement is coming up. In addition, it is unclear whether criteria for selection of codename is revealed, it is unknown whether a thing with a large number of applications is simply adopted as a codename, and there is also a chance in "Ne ne ne ne".

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The code name of Google's next OS "Android N" finally decided - GIGAZINE

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