Google is looking for codename under the name of sweets starting from "N" of "Android N"

Google-sponsored event for developers "Google I / O 2016"Started on Thursday, May 19, 2016 in Japan time, but among them Android's latest OS"Android NThere was an announcement that we will recruit the codename of "on the Internet. Concerning sweet ideas starting with "N" about the customary Android that the name of sweets continuing from the alphabet becomes the codename, such as "KitKat" for Android K, "Marshmallow" for Android M, etc. are being recruited .

We are looking for a name of Android N

The name recruitment site looks something like this. A text field entered just as "N" is displayed in the middle of the page.

Simply type in the name of sweets or sweets starting from N here and click "send" OK. This time I tried to "Nattomaki".

Thank you for the meal, registration of the name is completed.

The state of the development team that brainstorms ideas on "Android N" codename has been released on YouTube, "It might be a hint that" delicious "name will inspire you."

Android N: Let the names begin. - YouTube

Mr. John Smith said that it appeared in the movie "CEO of a naming specialty company".

And employees who talk about names.

On the wall of the company is listed "PROFESSIONAL NAMING INC. (Named company / PNI)".

Analyzed seriously that there is a sweet spot between "delicious snacks" and "words starting with N".

While listening to various words while saying "This is half science, half art", ...

I put the two white boards together and created the word "NUTCHO" like Nachos from "NUT" and "CHOW".

It is a very tasty workplace.

To a woman who pushes the word "Narshmallow" which plucked Marshmallow ......

"I like noodles ... ..." he said. I do not understand what I was talking about any longer.

"Sharks die when you stop swimming, we are like sharks about naming," Smith said.

We entered the caption saying "We do not need these guys. We just need you. (They are not necessary, you are necessary)" to the employees who are willing to say "We are the name itself!" I do not understand it seems like it will not be helpful to serve as an idea for a name, but it is a movie that felt the enthusiasm of Android N's mystery about naming.

Please note that Android N's code name inside Google is "New York CheesecakeIt seems that it was.

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"Crown name starting with N", code name of "Android N" will soon be announced - GIGAZINE

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