The code name of Google's next OS "Android N" finally decided

At the developer event "Google I / O 2016" hosted by Google held from May 19, 2016 (Thursday), the code name of Android's next OS "Android N" was recruited on the Internet . Various ideas were issued from all over the world, from Japan "I'm sleepy."Android N code name was also decided at last and announced by Google.

The circumstances under which the code name of "Android N" is recruited can be confirmed from the following article.

Google is looking for a codename under the name of sweets starting with "N" of "Android N" - GIGAZINE

The recruitment was closed on Friday, June 10th of Japan time, but the "name of sweets that starts with N" that was frequently seen on Twitter etc. at that time is Indian fried confectionery "Neyyappam" was.

"Crown name starting with N", code name of "Android N" will soon be announced - GIGAZINE

And the code name of "Android N" finally decided. An announcement made by Google can be seen from the following movie.

Android Nougat Statue Unwrapping - YouTube

Examples proposed as a code name of "Android N" include "new york cheesecake (New York cheesecake)" ... ...

"Noodles (noodles)"

"Neyyappam (Neyahpam)"

"NachoSupreme"NachosCoined word using Tex-Mex cuisine.

A honeycomb "Honeycomb (Honeycomb) "Noneycomb" that tampered with

There was also "Narshmallow" that took up "Marshmallow".

People who suggest a large amount ... ...

"There is an idea!" And confectionery makers to piggyback on campaignNECCO

Health-oriented people say "nonfat, gluten free" (nonfat gluten free).

Numerous names such as Android Nectar (honey) were examined.

And the front of Google head office will be shown.

Droid appeared from the bottom of the cloth used as a cover. And what is the foundation of Droid ... ...

"Nougat (nougat) "

So, "Android 7.0 Nougat" was announced.

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