Mosquitoes are inserting six needles when sucking blood

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Creatures killing the most human beingsKnown as "mosquito"I use" six needles "when sucking blood. Deep Look, making high-resolution scientific and biological images, released an image of what kind of mechanism the mouth looks like only one if you look at it.

※ It is not the type "show by illustration or infographic"Please be careful as the image of mosquitoes during blood sucking will come outis.

How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look - YouTube

"Mosquitoes" are very dangerous creatures that are killing hundreds of thousands every year. Like bears and sharks, it is not "attacking" humans, but mosquitoes are for mediating the disease. For example, Anopheles gambiae carries malaria, Aedas aegypti carries dengue and yellow fever, etc. Culex pipiens carries West Nile fever, for example.

Mosquitoes suck blood because they need protein for eggs. Therefore, all females come to smoke, male never smokes blood.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in puddles and the like. The larva returned from the egg is called "bow flora".

Many bowlers can not live in flowing water, they live in puddles and ponds.

In sucking blood, mosquitoes will open up the skin with a long stretched snout.

When seeing at once, a snout is like a single needle, but in fact what is visible here is the lower lip protecting the other needle. It plays a role like a sheath.

When you dissect the mosquito's head, you can see that the other needle is hidden inside the lower lip.

There are 6 needles in total.

Two of them have small blades attached. I will use this as saws and open up my skin.

The other two plays a role of supporting the skin in a cut open state.

And the main drawn slightly thick needle.

I will search for capillaries with this needle and suck up blood.

As mentioned above, mosquitoes need only protein. Therefore, unnecessary moisture is separated and discharged from the tip of the buttocks.

Another needle pours saliva to aid in blood sucking. It contains ingredients that make it difficult for blood to coagulate in saliva, so it will be able to smoothly suck blood. Also, anesthesia ingredients are included so as not to be noticed by the pain when cutting the skin. However, this saliva causes an allergic reaction, so it gets itchy if it is bitten by mosquitoes.

After blood sucking is over, a certain amount of saliva seems to be sucked back into the body, but it does not recover the amount already spread in the blood. Therefore, it may be that "it will be less itchy if you wait until you finish sucking blood", but it does not seem to go until "itchy goes away". If you kill mosquitoes, it is better to push the saliva into your body while knocking down from the top during blood sucking, so it is better to play from the side.

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