What is the creature killing the human beings the most?

ByCaden Crawford

Although it may be wild animals such as white sharks and lions, it is impossible to imagine "What is the creature that attacks humans?", But the creature that kills the most human beings is "mosquito"is. Bill Gates sets this week as "Mosquito Week" to appeal to the scene of mosquito horror and the site where many lives are deprived by mosquitoes such as developing countries.

The Deadliest Animal in the World | Bill Gates

The fear of mosquitoes comes from the following movies.

Mosquito Week - YouTube

A mosquito biting in the human arm.

Pierced the skin with a snout (...)

I smoke the blood.

Mosquito larvae are called "boufura" ... ...

Make it to the surface such as a pond.

More than 2,500 kinds of mosquitoes inhabit in every area of ​​the world except Antarctica.

This "mosquito" is the creature that kills human beings the most.

Over 700,000 people annually are mosquito bites and have lost their lives due to infectious diseases.

People do not feel pain in mosquito's "one stab".

As a result, mosquitoes can smoke blood without being noticed.

A lot of mosquito in the arm.

Even though I notice the mosquito sucking blood ... ...

Even if you pound it, it is difficult to protect your life from mosquitoes.

Mosquito injects itchy saliva first as it pierces the skin. This is because saliva has a role to prevent blood from setting.

Then,malariaAnd other protozoa invade the body through the mosquito injecting saliva ... ....

I will move inside the body.

In other words, if you get bitten by mosquitoes, you will allow the invasion of pathogens into the body, so the measure is only "not being bitten by mosquitoes".

Malaria andDengue feverBy infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes such as ......

Many children lose their lives.

Bill Gates's own blogGatesnote"I want people in the world to understand the fear of mosquitoes and the importance of countermeasures by posting only about mosquitoes for the past week."

This is a graph of the number of creatures that lost their lives and the number of lost lives in a year posted to gatesnote. You can see that there are very few lives lost by sharks and lions. The lost lost by the dog (Dog) is due to rabies.

In contrast, the number of mosquito-robbed lives is 750,000.

In addition, the creature that is the second most killing person in the world is "human".

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