The existence of terrible patent · troll which is appealed by patent infringement although it was just making and selling an application

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"Flight simulator application"X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator"Austin Mayer of the developer published a movie on YouTube appealing that it was accused of patent infringement just by submitting the application on Google Play. Mr. Mayer got a lawsuit only for acquiring damages and licensing feesPatent · TrollIt is a company known for the act of saying that people in general suffer damage, urge attention.

I am being sued, in East Texas, for using Google - YouTube

Mr. Meyer, one of developers of the X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator. Mr. Mayer developed an X-Plane for Android several years ago and sent it on Google Play.

Sales of the application were good, but why?UnilocA company that suffered a patent infringement from a company called a lawsuit.

According to Mayer, Uniloc has acquired a patent that is part of the underlying idea of ​​Google Play, claiming that X-Plane infringes the patent. However, Mr. Meyer said, "Uniloc has no relationship with Google Play," and Uniloc had previously released Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android with similar patents in the pastMojangAnd "Bejeweled 2" were sold for AndroidElectronic Arts (EA)There is a past sued for EA, a trial has been ordered EA to pay EA approximately 5 million dollars (about 600 million yen at that rate) at the trial.

It is claimed that Uniloc was compromised as "preventing unauthorized access to electronic data"PatentIt seems that he is complaining about companies that released the application on Google Play as copyright guard provided in the Android application infringes. Uniloc acquired the patent in February 2005.

Four years has already passed since Mr. Mayer was appealed to Uniloc, but the lawsuit has not ended yet. Also, the patent infringement complaint was accepted by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, far from South Carolina where Mr. Mayer lives, Mr. Mayer needs to visit Texas every time a trial is held.

Mr. Meyer, who just could not understand why it would have to sue why only by submitting the app on Google Play independently studied the officials of the case. Then, Mr. Leonardo Davis, a judge in charge of Mr. Mayer's trial, was found to be a person who has never filed an action in a patent infringement litigation even before 2016.

Furthermore, Mr. Mayer asserts, "It is a mysterious accident that Mr. Bo Davis, a lawyer acting on behalf of a company with similar patent infringement, is Mr. Leonardo Davis's son."

Mr. Meyer said, "The more you file a patent lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, the more son Bo Davis can make money, which is far from innovation and justice I think that I think. "

Uniloc is a company known for acting as a patent / troll that utilizes patent rights and causes compensation and licensing objective litigation. These companies just acquire patents, and they are not developing or selling products using patented technology. MicrosoftEolasAnd was ordered to pay compensation of 521 million dollars (about 62.5 billion yen at the time at that time), and in February 2016 Apple appealed from a company called VirnetX and was $ 626 million (about 738 There were also cases where an order for payment of damages was issued.

You can see how the patent / troll works as you read the following article.

Movie which explained "What is patent / troll" in an easy-to-understand manner - GIGAZINE

Mr. Meyer says at the end of the movie "There is no way to prevent patent / troll, but for many people who saw this movie, patent troll understands that it is really happening and wants to warn I said that.

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