Seven of the most evil seven poisons on the planet to ensure the death of prey

It is widely known that certain animals and plants, such as poisonous frogs, are toxic. And human beings were sometimes poisoned, sometimes using poisons and lived. In this article there are a total of 7 types of toxic plants, poison frogs, poisoned insects,Poisonous arrow"" Poisoning "to use for you.

Poisoning arrows in South America, Asia and Africa tribes has direct benefit since the paralysis characteristics of many poisons greatly deprive the prey's mobility. It may be fun to try and think about the history of human beings who have used poisons from the Paleolithic age in order to secure prey more quickly and reliably.

7 Deadliest Arrow Poisons on Earth


Torikabuto called "Monk's Food" by English name is used by many tribes of the Northern Hemisphere.

IndianLadakhIt is used to capture wild goats, in China as a tool of hunting and warfare, in the case of the Ainu race of Hokkaido it is called "sulk", poisons extracted from the roots and stems are bent arrows and a bow "Amappo" I used to catch deer and brown bear. In addition, it seems that each family had its own secret recipe. When a person or animal ingests a large amount of tricobuts, it dies almost instantly, even a small amount will die in 2 to 6 hours. Dyspnea and vomiting occur as initial symptoms, cause of deathVentricular fibrillationOrcardiac arrestis.


2: Akocantella of Long Foraforia

All plants of the genus Accochantela have toxic sap and are of cardiotoxicityGlycosideIncluding.

If this poisoned arrow is hitting an organism, it falls into cardiac arrest,TogoYaCameroonTribe often uses this poison to hunt monkeys and other wild animals.

Poachers who are worried that the authorities will be wary of using guns also use this poison. Also, the Akokantera TreeSan peopleBecause it is often used, it is also called "San poison". By the way, the San people said that 90,000 people live in South Africa.


"Clare" is a generic term for toxicants used in hunting that tribes of South America have used for bow and arrows over the centuries. The ingredients are different for each region, but mainly strikinos · toxiferaMachiidaeI use a plant of Machinian genus as a poison arrow. It is said that when this poison acts on the prey, the respiratory muscle stops and suffocates. It is said that the curare is also used as a muscle relaxant during surgery in the medical field.


The tree of Machin speciesBursinWhenStrychnineWe have two types of toxic compounds, such as green leaves and round seeds. Since machin is one of the most toxic substances known to mankind, it is accompanied by danger, but trees can be vigilant as they are stinking off the flowers beforehand. It has been used as a tool for rodenticides and homicide for a long time,Assam State, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia for centuries as a poisonous arrow.

In this image,Sierra LeoneThe chief of the Limba tribe who lives in is immersed in the poison of Machine at the head of the iron. Seeds contain 1.5% strychnine, but flowers and barks also have poisons. When humans and animals are exposed to poisons, severe convulsion occurs after suffering from paralysis, eventually leading to death. On the contrary, it is said that it is also used as a medicine for healthy stomach medicine, fever disease, indigestion.

5: Sandbox Tree

Sandbox trees, a type of evergreen tree, live in tropical northern and southern America, the Amazon rain forests and so on.

There are many thorns in the bark, and it seems that it is also called "a tree where a monkey can not climb" by it. Fishermen use this tree to poison fish in the river and the Caribbean Caribbean spread milky sap into arrows. This man is a member of "Kali'na tilewuyu", one of the tribes that make up the Caribbean.

6:Yadokuda fauna

Famous for poisoning "poisonous frog" is the poison of the Yadokuda family. It was found in South America, but it also lives in southern North America and Hawaii.Batra cotoxin, Histonic Onicotoxin,PumiriotoxinThere are three types of neurotoxin species, such asMudeok fukiya keelAs the name suggests, the seeds have intense toxicity, as well as fish frogsThe strongest toxicity among all organismsis.

It has strong toxicity on the skin of the back, and when the poison enters the body such as human beings and animals it will cause the muscles and nerves to atrophy and cause death. Histonics Onicotoxin and pumiriotoxin can kill adults with only 150 micrograms, and in the case of batra cotoxin, which is often owned by moludoku fukiyael, people will die only by touching it. It is too toxic that chickens and dogs will die only by touching paper towels in contact with the poison. Also, it seems that the poison of Muodoku Fuya frog is enough to kill 10,000 mice or 2 elephants. The image is Mokdoku Fuya frog.

Tribes "Noanamá Chocó" and "Emberá Chocó" discovered in the western part of Colombia use poisons extracted from these frogs. In addition, it is interesting that the family Family of Hadoderma larvae breeding loses its toxicity.

7:DiamphidiA (an insect of San's poisonous arrow)

DiamphidiaColorado beetleIt is very kind of toxic. Internal organs and larvae are the most toxic, and the tribe living in the north of the Kalahari desert use it as a poison. Poison is delayed, so it takes 4 to 5 days for large animals to die. In addition, in such cases it seems to kill the weak point directly. Sometimes it is used in combination with other poisons.

The San people paid close attention and rubbed larvae and sap which were made into powders using rods into arrows. Some tribes squeeze larvae directly to arrows.

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