"Dangerous man entering the fifth finger in the world" is 28 years old who insists that "you should manufacture guns using 3D printers at home"

It was chosen twice as "the most dangerous people in the world" by The Guardian and was also chosen as "the most dangerous person on the net" by Wired announced in 2015Cody WilsonMr"Cryptoarchist (Crypto · Anarchist)"Free market anarchistIt is also an activist of possession of a gun. Mr. Wilson claims that "People should manufacture guns at home using 3D printers."

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Mr. Wilson is a person known for extreme opinions and actions on gun possession. "I want to release the design drawing of a gun that can be made with home 3D printers on the net," Wiki Weapons ProjectDefense Distributed), But in 2012 it happened that Stratasys of 3D printer maker raised the 3D printer which was lent out in 2012, though it was considered to be dangerous.

A 3D printer borrowed from a project to make a gun with a 3D printer will be forfeited - GIGAZINE

However, Defense Distributed pushed towards the goal, succeeded in manufacturing guns with 3D printers that actually can withstand over 600 firefighters.

A movie demonstrates that a gun made with a 3D printer will withstand more than 600 firefighters - GIGAZINE

These data were open to the general public according to the original purpose. This file was downloaded 100,000 times or more before receiving order to withdraw from Arkansas state. After that, the original was deleted, but the copy is still spreading on the net and it is in a downloadable state.

The US government insists that Mr. Wilson's behavior is contrary to the weapons export control law, but Mr. Wilson, a student at the University of Texas Law School, says, "We are offending online gun design drawings There is no law, "he said. It is stipulated that it is illegal to manufacture firearms for sale pursuant to the Fire Control Law enacted in 1968, but since it is not regulated to make your own gun based on the design drawing is. The case on this matter is still going on.

Currently, not only the design drawingGhost Gunner 2We also manufacture and sell 3D printers. When pointed out about the danger, Mr. Wilson argues that "People are purchasing for the purpose of" making guns "to the last, not because they want to use the guns made for crime."

Ghost Gunner 2 - DefDist

Currently, Mr. Wilson is watching the presidential election.Mr. Donald Trump, who became the de facto presidential candidate for the Republican PartyIt is the owner of the opposite of gun control,Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, is almost certain to become a Democratic presidential candidateThis is because gun control is cited as a priority issue.

Wilson said, "If Mr. Clinton becomes president, I will be a more important person than ever in the" gun "world," the result of the US presidential election is also in the "open source gun" area It is likely to have a major impact.

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