Open source search engine "" project that can search 3D printable models started

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You can get a 3D printer at a price that cuts 100,000 yenAs time has come, "It is likely that one 3D printer will be placed in the household" has become in reality a reality. As a further promotion of this, search engines of 3D printable models are planned.

Open-Source Search Engine for 3D Printable Models -

Here is the movie that Cody Mr. Wilson who is leading the project talks about the establishment of establishment. - YouTube

Mr. Wilson, along with his colleagues in the summer of 2012Defense DistributedWe launched the project named "Weapon Data", created printable weapon data, and opened the file open source. Anyone can simply make "data of weapons that can be printed" if you design it, but the wonderful place of Mr. Wilson is "I can actually use it as a weapon". Although it is not the entire gun at the beginning of March, we made a lower receiver which is an essential part indispensable for making a gun with 3D printAR-15I proved that I could withstand 600 shots until I got the bullets I prepared.

A movie demonstrates that guns made with 3D printers can withstand over 600 fireflies

This time, "" made by Mr. Wilson et al., So to speakThree-dimensional object genre of "The Pirate Bay"This is an open source search engine that can search 3D printable models.

MakerBot known as the 3D printer manufacturer3D scanner "Digitizer" that anyone can easily scan three-dimensional objects and create dataMr. Wilson said Mr. Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, said that "3D prints are fundamentally open", but that fact is not so fundamental and it has been opened Not pointed out. "So was born," he says.

By the way, MakerBot publishes 3D printable data "Thingiverse"Defense Distributed also registered weapon data, but it was deleted in December 2012.

When starts full swing,DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)In some cases it may be requested to shut down the site by taking over,It may be more dangerous to disregard copyright law than sharing 3D printable weapon dataAlthough there is also pointed out that, as Wilson 's members are like The Pirate Bay, we are solidifying our policy of breaking the DMCA and fighting to the full of the law.

Therefore, "I will do so if necessary", I acknowledged that it may be possible to go to Slovakia, Russia or Singapore if it seems difficult to continue the site in the USA.

That's why is looking for investment for activities. The target amount is 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen), the deadline is the remaining 29 days (until April 10). Credit card and Bitcoin can choose payment.

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