The world's fastest charging standard "Pump Express 3.0" capable of charging the battery of smartphone from zero to 70% in 20 minutes

Qualcomm's "smart battery that can charge from zero to 80% in 35 minutes"Quick Charge"The world's fastest fast charge standard that can charge the battery from zero to 70% in just 20 minutes"Pump Express 3.0"MediaTek announced.

Pump Express 3.0

You can find out more about MediaTek's "Pump Express 3.0" by looking at the following movie.

Pump Express 3.0 by MediaTek - YouTube

Pump Express 3.0 is a quick charge standard that can charge smartphone batteries from zero to 70% in 20 minutes.

As a result of comparing the time it takes to charge from zero to 70% with competitors, competitor A takes 40 minutes to reach 70%.

Also, with Pump Express 3.0, you can get a battery capacity that you can talk for 4 hours with just charging for 5 minutes.

In the conventional charging standard, heat generation associated with charging became a bottleneck, and there was a limit to the power feeding speed. Pump Express 3.0 overcomes the conventional heat problem by allowing current to flow from the adapter directly to the battery without going through the charge control circuit built into the smartphone.

MediaTek named this feeding method "DIRECT CHARGING", and said that it can be used with the USB Type-C connector and cable.

In addition, MediaTek not only enabled rapid charging without generating heat, but also equipped with more than 20 terminal protection systems such as two-way communication function.

Please note that Pump Express 3.0 will be MediaTek 's SoC by the end of 2016Helio P 20It will be available on smartphones equipped. Helio P 20 "Xperia C4In addition to being installed in other places, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, Meizu are also expected to see a smartphone equipped with Helio P20.

MediaTek unveils its latest fast-charging solution, Pump Express 3.0 | The Verge

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