What is the identity of the mysterious number "A113" that is missing everywhere in animation and movies?

There may be a little playfulness hidden in animation and movies, such as "One scene of finding · Nemo, a buzz lightyear of a toy story appears" and it seems to notice in the image. One such playful "A 113There are mysterious figures called "animated works and live-action movies," which are often reflected in one scene, but from where they came from,This Mysterious Number Appears in Cartoons Everywhere"The movie is unraveling.

This Mysterious Number Appears in Cartoons Everywhere - YouTube

To a scene of a certain animation work ......

The character "A113".

Also in this work ......

"A113" is hidden.

In this way, mysterious figures lurking in movies and TV programs are "A 113".

For example, an animation "The SimpsonsAnd ...

A movie that was released in 2012 and has recorded worldwide box office revenue of more than $ 690 million (about 75 billion yen)hunger gameIt was also reflected in the.

If you look closely at the bottom right of the screen you will see the word "A113".

Marvel Hero gathers a lot "the avengers"of……

It was also used as a file number.

Popular caricature animation in the United States "American DadIt is also used for the number of cars.

It was released in 1996 and recorded a huge hit worldwideMission ImpossibleAppears in ... ...

"A113" was also engraved on the ring.

In addition, Britain's popular SF drama series "Doctor Who"A113" also appears in one scene.

In addition, many "A113" are hidden even in the famous Pixar movies such as Toy Story and Finding · Nemo.

Also "A 113" for cameraman underwater photographer who appears in Finding · Nemo.

What does this "A113" number indicate?

"A 113" is an AmericanCalifornia Institute of ArtIt is the number of the actual classroom.

In this classroom, big animals in the animation industry are starting their careers.

That big talent was the director for Toy Story and CarsJohn LasseterYa

Director in both live-action films and animated films, such as Scissorhands, Nightmare, Before, ChristmasTim Burton

In addition, Remi 's delicious rest and TomorrowlandBrad BirdEtc.

Besides these big creators, many creators have taken classes in this A 113 classroom.

And they have brought about great innovation in the world of animation.

However, it seems that the A 113 classroom is currently being used as a studio for graphic design.

So, the next time you see some movies, please try looking somewhere "A113" numbers hidden.

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