9 major pieces of movies that made deficits leaving a name in movie history

Many movies are released in the year, but of course all of them can not be a surplus. While there are considerably expensive budgets to be introduced, there are also disappointing works that could not be collected.

Among them, the nine works mentioned here are works that recorded such deficits as to leave a name in movie history. If you have a chance to see it somewhere, please try to see "Oh, this is that ... ...."

Details are as below.
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Speed ​​Racer(Speed ​​Racer, 2008)

Budget: $ 120 million
Ho Chi: $ 4395 million (worldwide, $ 93.5 million)

This speed racer was able to cast the most expensive budget in this list. It was a movie produced and released in 2008 by the Wachowski brothers of "Matrix", and it was originated from the 1960's TV animation "Mach GoGoGo", which used CG extensively and left the original taste. The box office income in the United States was 43.95 million dollars, and half of the production budget could not be collected.

Pluto-Nash(The Adventures of Pluto Nash, 2002)

Budget: $ 100 million
Ho Chi: $ 4.4 million (worldwide, 7.1 million dollars)

This work, which was particularly devastated among the works on the production budget of 100 million dollars. Production was done in 2000, but in 2002 it will be released two years later. Eddie Murphy and other big stars are appearing but the domestic income earnings in the U.S. are $ 4.4 million and worldwide are also 7.1 million dollars. Even in Hollywood Reporter magazine, it is described as "the biggest failed work in the last ten years".

Cutthroat · Island(Cutthroat Island, 1995)

Budget: $ 98 million
Ho Chi: $ 10 million

A pirate movie made by Director Renee Harin and Gina Davis (then wife of the time) with a production cost of 100 million dollars. If MGM used this budget after 10 years, Johnny Depp as the leading character ... .... The comment is attached, but seeing the hit of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is surely various regret .

Forte(Town & Country, 2001)

Budget: $ 90 million
Koho: $ 6.7 million

Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton and other Academy Award familiar actors are appearing in the love-comede film "Forte". Its production budget reached 90 million dollars, but box office revenue was less than 10%, it was 6.7 million dollars.

Battlefield Earth(Battlefield Earth, 2000)

Budget: $ 73 million
Koho: $ 21.4 million

Awesome science fiction movieAlso known as "Battlefield Earth". I can not surely collect budget, but it seems that the box office income is quite high in this line.

Ishtar(Ishtar, 1987)

Budget: $ 55 million
Ho Chi Minh: $ 14.3 million

Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Isabelle Agni and this is also a movie with big names for performers, but as with previous works income is not good.

Gigli(Gigli, 2003)

Budget: $ 54 million
Ho Chi: $ 6 million

"Giuri" that 20 million dollars out of 54 million dollars became Ben Affleck's wigs "and strange rumors also stood out. The Golden Raspberry Award, the lowest movie award, was nominated seven categories and received six awards. It is also chosen as "worst comedy work prize of this 25 years".

The gate of heaven(Heaven's Gate, 1980)

Budget: $ 44 million
Box entertainment: $ 3.88 million

Originally the length of the film was over 5 hours and was suitable for calling a super masterpiece film, but it was variously cut and it became a film of 149 minutes at the time of actual screening. Although it was a problem that a significant budget exceeded as a result of putting money on a set that will only appear for a moment in the scene, because the initial schedule was also 11 million dollars, the box office income will be more than the budget anyway It seems that it did not become.

Delgo(Delgo, 2008)

Budget: $ 40 million
Ho Chi: $ 694,782

"Delgo" released on the 2160 screen nationwide. It seems that it seemed to be content reminiscent of the big hit movie "Avatar" which was released the following year, but the box office income is astonishing low. Looking at the profit per screen, it seems that it was "a price that you can buy an iPad".

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