What are the special effects (SFX) adopted by Stanley Kubrick in "2001 Space Trip"?

A film directed by Stanley Kubrick, published in 19682001 Space Journey"Special effects technique that has influenced future film production has been adopted. In the era when there was no VFX to process video later by computer, shooting was a series of ingenuity.

4 Ways 2001: A Space Odyssey Was a Visual-Effects Pioneer - YouTube

This movie is a news site ·VultureThose published on the official YouTube channel. I've taken up the pioneering expression of the visual effect that came out in "2001 Space Trip".

The first one is "set to rotate"

In the movie, a scene walks as if a woman is ignoring gravity appears.

Although it is a scene using CG if it is a modern movie, there was no computer that could do such a thing then. Also, since the movie was released before Apollo 11 arrived at the moon on the moon, it is impossible to say "I took a picture in space."

As a result, Kubrick has produced a rotating set with a diameter of 10 m over 750,000 dollars (270 million yen).

This method is also used in "Poltergeist" published in 1982 and "Inception" published in 2010.

The second is "motion control camera".

Spaceships and space stations came out in "2001 Space Journey", but at that time it was very difficult to shoot these synthetic scenes. Therefore, Kubrick adopted a technique to program the camera and the position of the subject and shoot.

This technique was also utilized in "encounters of unknown" and "Star Wars".

The third one is "slit scan photography".

This "Star Gate" which is one of the images representing the journey of the universe in 2001 was produced by slit scan shooting.

The technique is based on John Whitney's Hitchcock movie published in 1958dizzy"Using hints of long exposure used in the opening image of Douglas Trumbull.

It creates a pattern by photographing the other side of the slit with a camera for a long time exposure.

Technique by long exposure is "Doctor Who"Or"Star Trek","InterstellarIt is also incorporated into.

Fourth is "front projection".

A scene where animals and monkeys live in Africa comes out in the 2001 journey of the universe. However, this did not use the image taken at the site as it was.

"Front Projection" is a technique that overlaps two images using Magic Mirror. In the case of this scene, there were circumstances that Kubrick could not get on an airplane and could not go to Africa, so the background was superimposed on the foreground animals and monkeys, using the still picture taken by the staff in the field.

As a work to which this method was utilized "Superman" etc. are cited.

Also in "Oblivion" released in 2013, there is a part that uses this special effects technique rather than CG.

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