"Burning Ocean" trailer which made movie the worst oil spill accident in history

An explosion accident occurred at Deepwater Horizon (Deepwater Horizon), an oil company in the UK petroleum company BP, which was working in the offshore of the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, and an accident where a large amount of crude oil leaked out to the Gulf of Mexico "Gulf oil spill accident in 2010 Gulf of Mexico"is. Eleven workers who were working at Deepwater Horizon died in the accident that resulted in the worst oil spill accident ever, but about 110 workers safely escaped and has survived a life . In order to minimize such damage, we focused on the workers struggling at the scene of the accident "Deepwater Horizon(Original work) ", and in Japan the trailer of" Burning Ocean "is released.

Deepwater Horizon (2016) Official Movie Trailer - 'Heroes' - YouTube

My beloved wife.

And daughter.

Mike Williams of the hero is building a happy family.

One helicopter heading to the oil platform.

Mike was on board in the helicopter.

Mike is being supervised on-site in Deepwater Horizon, offshore of the Gulf of Mexico.

A drill pipe with a length of 1500 m extends from the oil platform to the ocean floor.

There were 126 workers working at Deepwater Horizon.

At the drilling site involving danger, workers were working hard every day.

Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is away from America, and Mike is keeping in touch with family with Skype.

"This is a fossil of a dinosaur's tooth," Mike shows the fossil of the dinosaur had been asked by her daughter.

An accident happened at the excavation site when Mike was calling the family.

A worker who noticed a strange sound.

Suddenly, something like muddy was sticking out.

"Oh no ... ...."

The meter indicating the pressure of the drill pipe gungo rise.

The alarm sounded and it seems that something happened.

Mud was overflowing from the pipe.

"Take shelter!"

At the next moment, the lid blows off and the mud that mixes the crude oil squirts.

A worker who can not overthrow the crude oil.

Crude oil blows out across the site, and the workers are blown off.

Mike talking to his wife has a sharp look, but it seems she did not notice what happened at this point.

However, crude oil scatters at the scene and panic.

Shouting calling "Escape right now!" Inevitably, a lot of crude oil wraps around.

Mike said to his wife, "I will try calling back later" and I went to examine the incident.

A worried looking wife.

Deepwater Horizon caused a big explosion and was on fire.

Mike is looking for survivors by himself.

I will find one survivor, but no other worker is found. Moreover, the interior of the facility is in a dark state due to power failure.

While Mike is looking for survivors, it keeps burning Deepwater Horizon.

The explosion accident was broadcast live on TV news.

Mike acts with other workers to minimize the damage.

But explosion and flames will not stop.

Running a flaming heliport ......

Dive towards the sea. Did Mike and other workers survive safely?

The movie 'Deepwater Horizon' will be released in the United States from September 30, 2016.

The film "Deepwater Horizon" interviewed 21 survivors of explosion accidents that caused 4.8 million barrels (780,000 liters) of crude oil to leak and caused extensive damage covering about 1,500 kilometers of coastal area, and 94 people survived The New York Times' written with testimony from the "Deepwater Horizon's Final HoursIt is calledArticle basedIt has become.

Deepwater Horizon's Final Hours - NYTimes.com

According to the article, after the explosion accident, the disaster prevention system of the facility did not operate normally, and the workers did not have communication means and almost no communication could be obtained. Transocean, a drilling contractor who managed Deepwater Horizon, showed the attitude to protect themselves as "the workers performed the utmost possible actions that can be taken with the information obtained at that time", "The highest level work in the world The battle took over to the end in order to make the situation converge. "

In the article of The New York Times, the real experience of workers survived helping each other with courageous behavior in hellish environments is told, it seems to be good to look before the movie is released. However, there is a possibility that it will be spoiled, so please be careful if you do not want to know the contents of the work until movie viewing.

Furthermore, in April 2014 when all fourDirt cleaning work completed. A year later, in July 2015, BP was about 2.3 trillion yen, exceeding 400 such as the US government, Alabama state, Florida state, Louisiana stateSettlement with municipalityDid. However, it occurred in 1989Exxon Valdez oil spill accident, In 2014 when 25 years passed since the accident occurred also due to oil spillReport on environmental impactThe impact on the environment caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still ongoing even though purification work has been completed.

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Movie "Burning Ocean" book trailer - YouTube

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