Fragrance <GARO> - DIVINE FLAME - · Anime production company "MAPPA" that produced Bahamut GENESIS of Shinko tigers and so on

On 21st May 2016 theatrical version "Fragrance -DIVINE FLAME-" was released. It is a 10th anniversary commemoration of the series of "False " known for special effects, and its animation has been active in the animation industry for over 50 yearsProducer Masao MaruyamaIt is realized from the strong thought of.

Mr. Maruyama was in charge of animation production "MAPPA" established in June 2011 independent from Madhouse at the age of 70. So far, we have been working on "Sakamichi no Apollon" (collaborating with Tezuka Productions), "Hajime no Ippo Rising" (co-production with Mad House), "Reverberation Terror", "Bahamut GENESIS of Shinko" "Ushio Tora" (collaborating with studio VOLN) etc, and is also in charge of the animated version "Fragrance - Flame Engraving -" "Fang Wolf - Red Renono -". I asked MAPPA's studio what kind of company the work group was created.

MAPPA Corporation

This time I visited MAPPA's 1 st studio · head office. It is a three story building.

This building has orthopedics on the first floor, MAPPA uses the 2nd and 3rd floors. Originally there was a first studio on the 3rd floor, but from April 1, 2014 it was supposed to use the 2nd floor as well on the official website column "1st studio 2FYou can see from that.

The staircase part is a colonnade.

Looking down from the 3rd floor, it looks something like this, the day is getting in and it is a very bright environment.

Entrance of the studio.

A time card machine is installed at the entrance ... ...

There was a leaflet of "Punch line" "Theatrical version of Familiar -DIVINE FLAME-" in the corner of this world ".

And inside the studio ... .... On the left hand side there was a drawing room and a meeting room was set up on the right side.

A space of the drawing team where desks are arranged back to back. As the animator work requires a trace table, basically all the desks are the same and are unified in the style of putting a shelf on top of it. However, since it is basically a work to draw a picture here, it is optimized for me so that I can work a little even more relaxed.

There are also a lot of materials related to theatrical version "Fragrance - DIVINE FLAME -" ... ...

It was SpongeBob that got an eye out anyway.

Windows tablet is what is put to listen to working BGM etc. Terminals are different for each person.

Theater selling itemsDiscovered illustration drawn by Director Hayashi used for the tote bag.

Also the appearance of a female watch watching from the shelf.

Troops fleeing to the wall.

However, since the dubbing work has already been completed as of March 2016 where the AnimeJapan 2016 was held in the theater version "Fragrance - DIVINE FLAME -", some of the staff already have There are also a lot of people who have worked on the works, some of the materials and visuals put on the partition were part of the next work.

VAIO fits perfectly in the space of the depth of one magazine.

It seemed to be involved in the contest work of the next work.

At the foot, there is also a refrigerator imitating a cola can.

"Paper" is indispensable in the scene of this drawing. Paper for original picture / movie was stacked on the shelf.

A variety of papers are stacked on this shelf, such as timesheet, paper with light color used for correction, and storyboard paper.

Of course, a lot of stationery is also necessary. In particular, the stock of pencils and colored pencils is quite a few.

More than 30 colors are stocked together, hard and soft ones.

Also reusing things that are a bit shorter.

The production team is separating the 3rd floor of the studio from the drawing team. People here are supporting the creation of the work.

Unlike the drawing desk, it is a normal office desk so you can see the space. However, because it is also a position to move about in various jobs, it is "almost nothing" to go together.

There are various important items to be posted on the wall, but there is also a nice scribbling by the drawing mind mixed up there.

"Fang Wolf - Red Guren moon -" Prayer expression made before the broadcastThere was also a bill of the Shimami Shinto shrine at the time of.

Kitchen space that was set next to the meeting space.

The microwave oven is placed opposite the space. A large bookcase is placed next to it, and the material is tightly up to the top of the shelf.

DVD / BD of the work which I had done in the past, materials, and various books etc were contained. About the book, it seems to be Mr. Masao Maruyama's personal property.

Next up to the second floor ... ... but what I saw before that was the cardboard that was stacked in the landing area. As with "GARO 2", this belongs to "Fang Wolf - Guren noodomi -".

Inside, there are tightly packed cut bags.

Corrugated cardboard which was stacked in the same way in the landing of the second floor. This is from the movie version "False - DIVINE FLAME -".

If you let me glimpse inside the bag ... ...

A cute figure of Roberto appeared. This is not a single piece, but the picture is a bunch, but in the picture it takes only a few seconds. I'm convinced that cardboard will be stacked up.

The studio on the second floor ... ...

It was a color design / CG / shooting space.

I was just doing the work of the next work.

Originally this metal rack seemed to have never existed, but it seems that it was installed because it is necessary to place a cut bag just like drawing.

There are lots of things and things that I can not show yet.

By the way, Mr. color's monitor was attached to such a cover so as not to be influenced by lighting.

Theatrical version "False -DIVINE FLAME-" produced by this MAPPA is now being released in theaters. The original clear bookmarks (all four kinds) are being distributed as visitors gifts. It is said that the first week of the release is Leon version or Alphonso · Emma version, the second week is Hermann Robert version, the third week is the Evil anti-verbal version, so why not visit again many times without saying, Please burn the gold of the golden knight Garo and the returning Hermann 's battle.

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