Conception over 15 years · Director Oshii Mamoru's "culmination" movie "Garm Wars" released

As the latest work by Director Oshii Mamoru who has worked on "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost In The Shell" and "THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor"Garm Wars"Will be the national road show today from 20th May 2016 (Friday).

This work is the predecessor work which was planned as "G.R.M." (Garum Senki) in the late 1990's. It was an ambitious work that tried to blend animation and live-action photographs, and total production cost was rumored as both 6 billion yen and 8 billion yen, but it was decided to freeze production in 1999. However, Director Oshii never gave up his work, at last his obsession culminated, it was released in North America in 2014, and now I got into Japan

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This is the main visual

Preview video is like this. The work is produced in all North America location, only 7 Japanese people including director. As published earlier in North America, it is made as an English work, but at the time of publication in Japan, Toshio Suzuki was in charge of the Japanese version producer, and a Japanese dub version was made. The promotional copy is taken care of by Nichireplus' s fictitious imperial gender, "Again, the illusion that this country abandoned."The copy of it is attached.

"Garm Wars" notice May 20th (Friday) ROADSHOW - YouTube

The rough story is as follows.

Harukanaru Ancient, the star of battle · Annun. A clone warrior called "Garum" inhabited here, spreading an endless struggle.
There used to be eight tribes in Garme, each serving the Creator / Danang according to their role. At one time Da Nang left the star and there was a battle among the tribes over the hegemony after that.
At the end of the long struggle five tribes were extinct, remaining the only three tribes of "Columba" which controls the sky, "Briga" which controls the land, "Kumutaku" which is good at information technology.

In addition to Garum, the star inhabits this dog, the dog gravatated from them, the bird. Unlike Graham and birds with reproductive ability, Garm has been dedicated to life by cloning techniques. Even if you lose your life, regeneration has been repeated by transferring the memory of that individual to the brain of the clone, and generations have survived.

A woman astronaut "Kara" in the sky tribe · Columba encounters Kumutaku's old man "Wid" and Briga's soldier "Skelig" during the battle with land tribes · briggers. Wonder's mysterious question gives rise to a strange solidarity among them.

Why did Danang, the Creator and God, left this star?
Who are we with Garm?
Where do we come from and where do we go?

Kara and skelig are gradually attracted each other. They are moved by being embarrassed by the feelings that have never occurred in the brain until then. That emotion was the budding of love in Garm, which also implied that they were getting caught up in the swirl of significant change.

Wid was carrying the "Nashan" which is the last surviving of the tribe / druid that should have been extinct. The druid is a tribe which was once said to have conveyed the voice of the Creator-Da Nang. Led by Nashan, the three of Kara Wido Skelig go on a journey aiming at the legendary sacred forest "Duar Grund" in the distance beyond the sea, with Gura. To explore their own roots, to know "the truth of Garm" .... But it was an act of touching their wrath.

Is it hope or despair to listen to sacred places?

Actress Melanie St. Pierre from Canada who also acts as a voice cast of "Assassin's Creed II" who plays a female aviator "Kara". According to Oshii Mamoru 's production note, according to the production note, he was wearing black hair - wigs' wigs at the time of audition and came close to becoming Kusanagi element. I also challenge my work by changing blond hair to black hair style. In the Japanese version, Park dubbed Mr. Park Miyumi who is active in the role of Edward Elric and "Alchemist of Steel" for voice dubbing.

Kevin Durand who plays Briga's soldier Skelig (right), who fulfills fateful encounters with Kara, in the drama "LOST" series and the movie "Real Steel". While taking a picture, she brought her wife and her dog to the scene, so he liked the dog so he could communicate with the director soon. Dubbing is responsible for "gun × sword" role and "batman vs Superman Justice's birth" Superman role (dub) role, Toshiki Hoshino.

And Rose Henriksen, well-known role of Android · Bishop who appeared in "Alien 2", role of old man · Wid who fulfills a strange encounter with Kara, Skelig. Oshi is an actor who just wanted to appoint. Dubbing is handled by Mr. Haruhiko Hiroshi who is also dubbed the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series Barbosa and "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force" Snork.

It was in 2011 that the "G.R.M." which was frozen once was restarted, and the data of the GRM project was excavated first. The production system was laid from 2012 and shooting was done from April 20 to May 2013.

Kara standing in the meadow. The location is in Canada.

The shooting was very severe, and on the final day Oshii was exhausted as he was walking. In the making video released on YouTube, comments from special skill director Shingori Higuchi are also.

【Exclusive release】 15 years conception, Mamoru Oshii "Garm Wars" making image - YouTube

Even if it dies, that battle data will be handed over to the new body .... The figure of Garums that "the present" is repeated repeatedly and the future will not come is explained by Mr. Hirotsugu Mori's novel as director of Oshii in 2008 It overlaps with the "eternal child" of the produced "Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" as a film critic, Ryota Fujitsu pointed out in the press sheet.

Besides, as you can see from the scene cut like the following, I draw a story that is not this world as a SF fantasy, but the theme includes something that is familiar to modern society.

In addition, as a work as a title of "GARM WARS The Last Druid" has been published in North America in 2014 and the world premiere was held at the same year's Tokyo International Film Festival, many impressions have already been uploaded.

Oshii Mamoru latest work "GARM WARS" World Premiere Comment Summary! - Togetter Summary

◆ Appearance / voice appearance
Reims · Henriksen / Kohihiko
Kevin Durand / Takahisa Hoshino
Melanie St. Pierre / Park Yumi

◆ Main staff
Original · Screenplay · Director: Mamoru Oshii
Japanese version producer: Toshio Suzuki
Advertisement copy: Kabusei Gen (Nitroplus)
Music: Kenji Kawai
Cooperation: Studio Ghibli
Production: Production I. G
Production: NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Production I. G
Distribution: Toho Imaging Department

2016 / Japan · Canada Collaboration / Cinema Scope / Dolby Digital Surround
Showing time 93 minutes
© I.G Films

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