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Acting mainly in the films of Shin Toho and Toei, I realized that the actor Bunta Sugawara, who announced retirement of actor business in 2012, had died at the end of November. I was 81 years old.

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Mr. Sugawara was born in 1933. After dropping out of the second law department of Waseda University, he became a 1st year student at the Theater Company Shiki, went on to a number of stages as a benchmark, and appeared in 1956 in the movie "Foggy in the City of Sorrow".

After that, after being modeled, he was scouted to Shin Toho in 1958 and debuted as a full-fledged actor. Tall body second-hand young starKeiji TakamiyaMr.,Teruo Yoshida, Toei Flyers pitcherTeruo TerashimaIt was sold as "Handsome Towers" with the others.

Shin Toho went bankrupt in 1961, Ms. Sugawara will be transferred to Shochiku with the handsome Towers. During this period, Mr. Yoshida of Handsome Towers served as a partner for star actresses such as Mr. Shima Iwashita, Chieko Baisho, Mariko Okada, and Mr. Takamiya and Mr. Terashima also each produced a leading movie However, Mr. Sugawara 's activity was centering on supporting work.

In 1967, I switched from a gangster group manager to an actorNoboru AndoRecommended by Mr. Hideyoshi, he moved from Shochiku to Toei with members of Handsome Towers. However, Mr. Terashima left Shochiku in 1964 and became free.

Even at Toei, Mr. Sugawara was the only one who had almost no serifs at first, but in 1969, the "Law of Modern Yakuza Yutaro" (five works by 1972) and the "Kanto Teiya Family" ( 5 films by 1971). I will also star in "Mamushi Brothers" (8 works by 1975) since 1971.

And the series "Battle without Honorific" that began in 1973 was a huge hit. Mr. Sugawara will join the Toei Star actor, hitting the series "New · Hitoshi Fight" series from 1974, "Track Truck" series started in 1975.

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Mr. Sugawara who had a presence in various fields such as movies and dramas, voice work in the movie "Gedo Senki", but moved from Hokkaido to Hida region from about 1998, and has worked and lectures on agriculture As I began to do, when I moved to Nagasaki City in Yamanashi Prefecture in 2009, I acted as an actor "semi-retired". On 13th November 2012, we officially announced the retirement of the actor's life in the lecture, and since then he was speaking at the National Movement Group "Life of the Life" speech activity.

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Speaking of Ms. Sugawara, there are also many people that the impression of this CM is strong.

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