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Ozu Yasujiro, Naruse Mikio, Kinoshita Keisuke, Akira Kurosawa, Akira Imai, etc, worked on a masterpieces' masterpiece and supported the golden age of Japanese movies, and after retirement at the age of 42 never showed up in the public place Legendary actress Hara Setsuko was found dead because of pneumonia on Saturday, September 5. I was 95 years old.

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Hara was born in Yokohama on June 17, 1920 (Taisho 9th year). As the family was economically bad, I decided to drop out of Yokohama High School and enter the film industry with the recommendation from Kumagai Higa, my brother-in-law. The debut work was published in 1935, "Yurufu yakana yo yo", it was decided to call Hara Setsuko as the artist's name for Setsuko as a character.

In the Japanese-German collaborative film "New Sat" released in 1937, Arnold Funk was watching the filming of "Kouchiyama Munetoshi" and he was appointed as a heroine because he liked Mr. Hara. It was.

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After the war, director Kurosawa Akira's "No regrets in my youth", "Idiot", directed by Keinosuke Kinoshita, Director Tadashi Imai's "Blue Mountain Range" "Blue Mountain Range", directed by M. Naruse "Mushi" "Mountain Sounds "etc.

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In director Ozu Yasujiro, she appeared in "Late Spring", "Wheat Fall", "Tokyo Story", "Autumn Sun", "Autumn of the Kobayakawa Family", which is called "Noriko Trilogy". In particular, the "Tokyo story" received high acclaim at home and abroad, "Japan time movie first prize" in the "All Time Best Ten" announced by Kinema Junpo in 1995 · World movie No. 4th, It is in the top ten of the best ten chosen by the director and third in the best ten which the film critic will choose.

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The last cast feature was the wife of Riku Oishi, who played the role of Riku Oshi at the "Kasuda Flower Volume and Snow Volume" published in 1962. The next year after the release, Director Yasujiro Ozu died on December 12, 1963, and finally got attended in the evening, it disappeared publicly and retired in effect. Since that time he lived in Kamakura, he was also expressed as "an eternal virgin" from passing through a single life.

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