Clearly that Google had made secret backwards for a few years ago "TPU" dedicated to exploding machine learning

Speaking of "machine learning" at Google, it is the latest in goAlphaGo defeated Lee Se-dul (Lee Seung-kyu) Kudan who was called the world's strongest shogi playerI remember the fight, but not only that,Street viewAnd InboxSmart Reply, Voice search and so on in many places. For that reason, Google actually seems to have been building units to optimize machine learning from several years ago.

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Google supercharges machine learning tasks with TPU custom chip

From the rule of thumb that "wonderful software shines under amazing hardware", Google advances top secret projects, custom custom for machine learningASICof"Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)", An open source software library for machine learning ·TensorFlowI adapted it.

This is the TPU board

We already know that this TPU has been in use at data centers for more than a year and demonstrates optimized performance. By the way, according to Moore's Law, three generations, about seven years is technological progress that is taking place, and of course AlphaGo is also used.

AlphaGo using TPU board

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