Angela Lee Duckworth advocating the "grit" theory that grasping the key to success is the ability to overcome parentage education theory

To succeed in life it is not the intelligence quotient (IQ) that is important, it is a force that persists in tackling difficult tasksGritMr. Angela Lee Duckworth who took the spotlight by showing off his theory with TED's talk reveals the relationship with his father who had a great influence on himself and the grit education for children.

Is grit the true secret of success? | Life and style | The Guardian

As for what "grit serving as the key to success" advocated by Mr. Duckworth, you can understand with one shot by looking at the TED talk below.

Angela Lee Duckworth "The Key to Success is the Power to Pull Out" | TED Talk |

Mr. Duckworth was born between my father and my mother who moved to China from China. Mr. Duckworth's father frequently used the word "genius" from day to day for the three children including her. From the perspective of "praising educational law", which is said to have a positive effect on children, Mr. Duckwork's father seems to have praised the children "You are a genius!", But the reality is completely opposite. My father said that every time there is a thing, it was a habit to mourn as "I am not a genius." By the way, whether his father's habit has changed or not, Mr. Duckworth's mother who was an artist also said that "You are not Picasso" and so on, issued genius names in the same way, he said that he was often complaining.

Mr. Duckworth who was strongly injured and curious was curious about his father as a spring, even if he told me that he was not a genius, he was doing anything with a rebellious spirit. However, he felt that my father was deeply loving himself. "At that time, my father, who was an engineer at DuPont, was a big company and on the way to climbing the stairs of career, I realized that I could not become a person who I wanted to be, who I was awarded the Nobel prize I think that I was sorrowful about what I can not do, that is not genius, I think that when we mourn to "we are not geniuses", my father reflected the feelings of blaming themselves, "Duckworth "He says.

Mr. Duckworth thought that father's honesty was an advantage for education for himself. At the same time, "Honest father's behavior was sometimes cruel, and if the father praised" If you are a genius! ", I do not know what influence I had on myself." While stating, amplifying my ambition, I look back on the influence of my father.

After graduating from Harvard University, Mr. Duckworth who grew while feeling the deep affection of his father passed through McKinsey & Company of the consulting firm, became a teacher and studied psychology. And as a necessary element to succeed, I got to the grit theory that the ability to persevere over time is important, without giving up on anything.

Mr. Duckworth who became a mother with two daughters of 15 years and 14 years old naturally talks about daughters and grit well. And at the Duckworth family, he says he has defined his own "Hard Thing Rule" that "things you decided once can not quit until there is progress". Although this rule seems to be a severe educational method that makes children hard, difficulty, Mr. Duckworth says, "This rule is not a" fight "that child's tears are essential." Sometimes, "I do not want to practice again! I think that it would be better to quit," he said. However, although these girls fortunately abandon the difficulties on this occasion, the girls seem to be changing the day and challenging.

Lucy, a 14-year-old daughter, was likely to be absorbed in kneading flour until 11 pm to make macaroons, Mr. Duckworth said, "I can not believe it, I am interested in how much sweets is made Does it mean that he does not hesitate to express surprises? According to Mr. Duckworth, I think that it is the best thing to "praise the surprises and impressions of children's actions" is the best thing, and do not forget to tell "I am talented about ○ ○!" That's right.

Mr. Duckworth praises and extends, contrary to a father who stubbornly stretches "talentless", three years ago earned the MacArthur fellowship known as a so-called "subsidy system for genius". Finally, I told my father to prove to be a "genius". Although the methodology is different, it is likely that Mr. Duckworth and Mr. Duckworth's father's educational law have in common that "pouring affection is a major premise".

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