Children who are boring during summer vacation can grow healthily

There are many parents who are exhausted to take children to various events such as sea and camping in the long summer vacation thought good. However, several psychologists give the maximum amount of exits to the fathers and mothers of the world suffering from a tired summer vacation, "Children should be boring during summer vacation, that person can grow healthily."

Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer - Quartz

Multiple psychologists / pedagogy scholars have preached "recommendation of boredom" to children. To avoid being overseas during the summer holidays, I want to make various experiences, I want to learn a lot of things, I insist that excessive support of parents who are desirous of greed will not do much for children.

Dr. Lynn Frei, a psychologist who studies about educating children, said, "The role as a parent is to prepare children to find their place in society, saying" Become an adult. " That is, "I can control my own schedule and be filled with leisure time that makes me feel happy." Dr. Fry complains about the loss of opportunities for the child if the parents fill all the child's holidays, children will not learn this technique by themselves. That's why parents reap childbirth growth buds.

Also, Dr. Teresa Belton of East Anglia University says, "Boredom is essential for developing" intrinsic stimuli "that can bring true creativity." Also, there is a psychoanalyst, Adam Phillips, who prefers the importance of time that is boring and does not do anything. Mr. Phillips said "On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored: Psychoanalytic Essays on the Unexamined Life"The ability to boring is the result of the growth of children". According to Mr. Phillips, adults tend to neglect time to look for things that are interesting because they think that they are interested in various things, but in order to find out what they are interested in themselves It is indispensable to spend time in the process of boring.

And philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote a masterpiece written in 1930The Conquest of Happiness"Children are like young plants, it is the time of the greatest growth when left alone in a soil that is not obstructed by anyone.To give them excessive travel or excessively give impressive experiences It is not good for children, rather it will grow to a man who can not bear the "fruitful" monotony, "he says, explaining the harm of parents' excessive support.

The time to get bored is, in a sense, painful time. However, this psychological burden is important for the growth of children. Dr. Fry says, "I do not think that boredom is a dont, but there is no problem in getting bored. In order for children to be motivated to accomplish something, boring There is a need to learn how to do it.Bearing is a technique to make the child self-reliant. " Dr. Fry recommends that children make their own "list of things they want to do" for the first time during the summer vacation, which is a good opportunity to learn boredom. If children complain that they are "boring", parents should show their lists and read aloud saying, "This is what I want to do."

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