Impact of stress can be improved by "How much can you control the situation yourself?"

ByVictoria Nevland

Students and employees take time to deal with given tasks (tasks, tests, task instructions). Although the stress is felt when piles of things must be done, the results of the experiments that showed how the influence appears in the processing ability of people who received stress are announced.

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In a study published at the Journal of Experimental Psychology, participants were stressed by "having a bucket with water for 2 minutes and shooting in video", affecting the results of having computer games play and selecting An experiment was conducted to investigate whether or not. According to the method of having a bucket, stress hormone in saliva "CortisolIt is understood from the previous research that the number increases.

Participants in the experiment will play the game in which you can earn points by getting a college degree course and show the correct way to get a degree by solving the test. If you fail to acquire a degree, the game will return to the project, so you will be working on a game to acquire a degree from scratch. However, since the results of the tests are always the same, we can learn how to acquire the correct degree from the contents of the test we solved last time, and participants can control the failure.

On the other hand, another group also plays this game, but the selected degree course may be canceled at random, and the participant may be asked whether or not to obtain the cancel degree course again there is. In other words, participants play games without control of failure, but the research team said that they were interested in how many participants would reselect the same degree course.

ByDerek Bruff

As a result of the experiment, participants who received a game whose failure can not be controlled showed that they tended not to reselect the same degree course if they were given stress. If the failure could be controlled, no change was seen in participant's selection trend, regardless of the presence or absence of stress. This shows that stress affects the determination of sustained tasks, and the group who played the latter game with stress given is more confused than when playing the game without being stressed It has turned out to fall into.

According to researchers, this suggests that when people are stressed in the face of failures and are stressed, it will be difficult to continue tasks. Working efficiency will be affected under external control, but this is the same in many work environments. Therefore, supervisors and managers are likely to affect the workload of employees. By creating an environment where you can control the situation yourself, it may help to improve the efficiency of sustainable tasks of employees.

ByLauren rushing

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