A new speech recognition system "Viv" by Siri developers with AI far beyond Siri will soon be released

A new speech recognition system developed for some time by developers involved in the birth of Apple's voice assistant function "Siri"VivIt is finally completed and it is considered to be announced shortly. Viv said that it has AI far beyond Siri, such as "understanding complex questions" and "being able to execute many applications".

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You can see how Viv is about by reading the following article.

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Although Siri makes a call to a contact or registers an appointment according to a user's question, as there are restrictions on applications that can cooperate, in response to a question of "I'd like to reserve an airplane ticket" We will respond by opening a website and guiding.

However, Viv can cooperate with various applications and respond to multiple questions. When I talked to "I would like to buy lasagna and cheap wines that match it, on my way to my brother 's house", I got a route to my brother' s house, a list of wine stores in the way and a shop where I can buy Lasagna Display it.

Viv was developed by Siri's birth parent Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer and other engineers. Siri was originally released as a 3rd party application in 2010, it was possible to bypass the functions of many applications, such as buying a ticket or dispatching a taxi. But since Apple bought Siri, the partnership that it had built up collapsed, Kittlaus needed to talk with many IT companies to allow application cooperation with Siri . Mr. Kittlaus and Mr. Cheyer seemed to meet Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs in 2011, but Kittlaus left the company the following year as the following two efforts and Jobs' ideas were inconsistent is.

After that, one third of the teams involved in Siri development is leaving Apple because of its separation with Apple regarding Siri's capabilities, and from around August 2014 engineers and others resumed full-fledged Viv development It was reported that I did.

Viv realized the "shape that I wanted to become Siri" envisioned by Kittlaus et al. And others, and in many ways it can perform various functions than Siri. According to the Washington Post, "I would like to purchase a pizza from Pizz'a Chicago near the workplace" and asked "What would you like toppings?", "Topping with Peperoni", "Half of the cheese" "Caesar salad" Although I got confused about the recognition of the address a little although I understand properly the order saying that it finally realized that the pizza as ordered arrives to the office. At that time, it was unnecessary to download phone, search, and application.

Besides this, Viv is saying "give me a car" and offer options such as Uber, delivery serviceGrubhubAnd consultation reservation serviceZocdoc, For ticket booking serviceSeatGuruWe do tasks in cooperation with many third party applications such as.

Google and Facebook are thinking about acquiring Viv, but the intention of Viv engineers to respond to the acquisition is not reported at the time of article creation.

Viv will be released on a technical conference held on Monday, May 9, 2016, and a demonstration will be held.

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Next Generation Speech Recognition AI "Viv" by Developers of "Siri" Can Address Multiple Questions - GIGAZINE

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